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Being charged with a sex crime is one of the most harrowing and terrifying times that you could ever be forced to deal with. Due to the negative stigma associated with these types of crimes, not only will you be dealing with the criminal penalties - you will also be forced to shoulder the burden of the social issues that it will create. For this reason, if you have recently been charged, accused or if you have reason to believe that you are under investigation, it is vastly important that you do not hesitate to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney to launch into action and help you to obtain the just outcome that you fully deserve.

Have you been criminally charged with sexual assault in Texas?

In the state of Texas, the law does not look kindly upon criminal actions of this nature and is unwaveringly severe in their treatment of the convicted. Under §22.011 of the 2010 Texas Penal Code, a criminal act is considered sexual assault should a person intentionally commit a sexual offense in which the actor was forced by physical violence or the threat of physical violence.

It can also occur in situations in which the actor knows that the other person is unable to mentally consent, unable to physical resist or in which the person is unaware that the assault is even occurring. This is an extremely serious offense and if you are convicted, you will find that you are facing a criminal charge that is considered to be a second degree felony. You cannot be flippant with something of this nature - you need to be sure that you are doing everything possible to help.

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