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Houston Mom Arrested for Underfeeding Baby

An infant in Texas remains in intensive care after the baby was discovered starving at his home. At a year old, the child was only 7 pounds and 9 ounces. According to the Houston Chronicle, the baby’s mother was arrested and charged with injury to a child. The child is severely malnourished and medical personnel are working hard to give the child the nutrition that it needs to survive. The mother, a woman with the initials W.B., was arraigned in court after charges were filed laws week.

She is the mother of three, and faces life in prison if she is convicted of the first-degree that she now faces. She will also lose custody of her other two children because of her abusive habits. Currently, this mother is free on a $20,000 bail and she has yet to hire an attorney. According to investigators findings, the baby was born at 28 weeks and spent 10 weeks in the hospital as a child. When he was released from the hospital and sent home with his mother, little Varius was only 5 pounds.

W.B. tried to feed the baby evaporated milk, but he kept vomiting up the nourishment. She never tried to feed him baby formula. Instead, she took her baby to the hospital and he was put on neonatal intensive care because of his condition. According to reports, the baby had hypoglycemia and he was unable to metabolize any food. He had renal, liver, and heart failure. Witnesses have argued with the court in defense of W.B., claiming that the hospital is falsifying information and that the mother did not harm her child or forget to feed him. If you have been falsely accused of injuring a child, then you need to contact a dedicated and hardworking Houston criminal defense lawyer at the Martinez Law Firm today for assistance!

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