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Being arrested can be one of the most difficult situations that you will ever face. No matter whether you have been pulled over and arrested for allegedly drinking and driving or if you have reason to believe you are under investigation, contacting a lawyer should be the first on your list of priorities. It should also be incredibly important to educate yourself about what you are facing. At the Martinez Law Firm, we know the importance of staying educated about the process and have thus created this website with the primary goal of providing high-quality and useful information. Below, you will see lawyer videos that we have created. By watching these, you will be able to see members of our firm discussing various topics of the law, as well as introducing you to our firm and the ways we can help. Want to know more? Call us today!

Trial Experience: Attorney Herman Martinez speaks about his trial experience. Play Video
Choosing an Attorney: Play Video


Proving DWI: Attorney Herman Martinez discusses the three ways that the state has ... Play Video
Your Driver's License: Herman Martinez explains how he may be able to help you keep your ... Play Video
Repeat Offenses: Mr. Martinez speaks about the enhanced penalties for repeat offenders. Play Video
Family Violence Charges: Attorney Herman Martinez goes over some of the consequences of a ... Play Video
Probation Violation: Criminal Defense Attorney Herman Martinez speaks about the importance ... Play Video
Family Violence: Attorney Herman Martinez discusses family violence related cases and ... Play Video
DWI: Mr. Martinez talks about DWI claims and the best approach to such ... Play Video
Drug Crimes: Mr. Martinez talks about drug crimes and why you should hire an ... Play Video
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