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Domestic violence charges are among the most emotional and complex types of criminal offense in Texas. If you and your spouse, partner or other family member have a volatile relationship, you could find yourself in legal trouble after an altercation. In these cases, you are often dealing with two different accounts of the incident that occurred and it can often result in an arrest. If you have been arrested or charged with any domestic violence-related offense, it is very important that you avail yourself of the resources and assistance offered by our Houston criminal defense lawyers at The Martinez Law Firm. We can provide you with a tailor-made defense and personalized legal advice that will benefit your case.

If you have been arrested and charged with assault related to family violence, you could be convicted even if the person who initiated the charges against you decides that he or she doesn’t want to pursue them any further. Many Texas prosecutors hold the policy that they will continue the charges held against you no matter what the alleged victim says. This is to protect the victim in case they are threatened or bullied into dropping charges against the family member, spouse or partner who assaulted, threatened or otherwise victimized the individual. Despite the fact that this is a well-meaning policy, it can result in dire consequences for you if your spouse or family member simply called the police out of spite or revenge. These types of situations can easily get out of control without the help of a Houston domestic violence lawyer.

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Our attorneys have been successfully defending clients against domestic violence charges since 1999. Our experience, extensive legal knowledge and dedication to your rights can greatly enhance your case. You and your family are extremely important. If your right to see your family is in jeopardy because of a family violence-related charge, you need to protect that right vigorously. We will give you the solid defense that you need to get the best outcome for your case.

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