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Drug crimes are one of the most severely punished offenses in the state of Texas and throughout the United States. Predominantly since the 1980s, politicians and lawmakers have been proponents of being "tough on crime." You may have even heard of the term "War on Drugs." If you were arrested for drugs, whether possession, trafficking, sale or any other type of offense, you will be aggressively prosecuted and may even face a mandatory minimum sentence (Read about Atty Gen Holder's proposal to drop mandatory minimums).

Retain an aggressive Houston drug defense attorney from The Martinez Law Firm as soon as possible. This law firm will fight for your rights and fight to defend you against your misdemeanor or felony drug charges.

Types of Drug Crimes in Texas

There are many types of drug offenses, both state and federal. Listed below are some of the most common types of drug crime cases that The Martinez Law Firm handles:

Sentencing for Drug Crimes in Texas

Those arrested for and convicted of drug crimes in Houston could face mandatory minimum sentences for certain amounts of drugs regardless of the circumstances. Recently, the Attorney General recently proposed an end to this type of sentencing for nonviolent and low-level drug offenders. Some jurisdictions throughout Texas have begun to offer alternative forms of sentencing that are aimed at rehabilitating rather than punishing, such as community service or drug rehab.

The sentence a person receives, if convicted, will depend on the type and amount of the drug. For example, the previous Harris County District Attorney refused to accept charges for trace amount of cocaine charges. The current District reinstated the acceptance of trace amount of cocaine cases. These are all things that a Houston drug crime lawyer must know.

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The Martinez Law Firm is totally prepared to its best to defend you against your state or federal drug offense. A conviction can have massive implications for your future in addition to incarceration and fines, such as loss of federal aid, temporary loss of voting rights and other felony collateral consequences.

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