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Facing an Investigation or Criminal Charges? Act Now!

At any stage in a criminal case or investigation, your constitutional rights may be at risk. You may be in danger of facing criminal charges and then a conviction that will result in imprisonment and other serious penalties that will leave you at risk of an entirely changed future.

You have the right to remain silent and the right to legal counsel. Exercise these rights immediately and contact a Houston criminal lawyer who can provide you with the criminal defense representation you need in the face of whatever charges, arrest or investigation you are currently dealing with. This will go a long way in helping you secure a positive result to your case – one that does not include imprisonment and a criminal record!

Consider The Facts

Choosing the right lawyer may be difficult, particularly when you consider the vast number of attorneys that serve the Houston area. Experience, education, background and case results are important issues to look at when choosing your criminal lawyer. Your own personal feelings about the firm may also be a key factor to consider when making your choice. After all, you will have to work together and it is important that you feel comfortable with your attorney.

A competent Houston criminal defense attorney can bring a defendant great peace of mind in knowing that his or her case is in good hands. Even if the case is in the investigatory phase, an attorney can work to actively counter law enforcement’s efforts against you. Depending on the approach, you may be able to even avoid having formal charges filed against you in the first place.

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