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Violent crimes covers a wide range of offenses, from misdemeanor assault to felony aggravated assault and homicide. A conviction of any type of violent crime can easily land you in jail, altering your life as you know it. If you are under investigation for a violent crime or have been arrested, make sure you have the premier Houston criminal defense attorney behind you who can fend off your charges.

Serious charges such as those connected to a violent crime mean you need a perfect 10.0 Avvo "Superb" rated defense lawyer on your side who can argue on your behalf in and out of the courtroom. Contact Herman Martinez today to get exactly that!

What Types of Offenses Are Considered Violent Crimes?

Discussing your case with Herman Martinez can greatly enhance your chances of having your charges dropped or reduced. He is prepared to handle a wide range of violent crime charges.

Our Houston criminal defense lawyer has represented those arrested for:

  • Assault
  • Aggravated assault
  • Domestic violence
  • Assault by threat
  • Offensive contact
  • Assault of a public servant
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Homicide

Even threatening a person with violence can be grounds for a violent crimes charge, so long as the alleged victim claims they felt they were in imminent danger.

Penalties for a conviction are the most serious a person can face. Depending on the crime, they could vary from just under 12 months in prison for a misdemeanor such as assault to decades behind bars for a homicide. The harsh penalties you could face for a conviction mean that you need our skilled Houston criminal defense lawyer on your side.

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Herman Martinez has spent nearly 20 years practicing law which includes experience as Chief Prosecutor. In this time he has handled many different types of violent crimes cases and understands how they are prosecuted. This gives him a considerable advantage as a defense attorney since he knows tactics used to convict those accused of such crimes.

Call on our top rated Houston violent crimes defense attorney if you have been arrested for a violent crime in the Houston area. Our firm can work to beat your charges!

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