19 Jun 2020 Posted By The Martinez Law Firm

When Does a DWI Become a Felony?

What Should I Know so I can Protect Myself?  Any criminal defense attorney will tell you that felony DWI charge is nothing to scoff at. We all know the word...
06 Dec 2021 Posted By The Danielle Ward

The Burden of Proof in Sex Crimes: What to Know

The burden of proof in sex crimes cases is an essential factor in how a lawyer builds their defense. When you face a charge, claim, or allegation for a sexual...
30 Nov 2021 Posted By The Danielle Ward

Probation Violation Hearing: What to Do

A probation violation hearing might sound simple and straightforward. In many cases, a person makes a simple mistake and faces an accusation that they are in violation of their probation....
22 Nov 2021 Posted By The Danielle Ward

Texas DWI Process: How to Handle DWI Charges

The Texas DWI process is not always a simple as people assume. After an arrest for a DWI (driving while intoxicated), you appear before a judge at an arraignment. Typically,...
18 Oct 2021 Posted By The Danielle Ward

Open Container Law in Texas

The current open container law in Texas was part of a push to make the laws around drinking and driving stricter. Moreover, they had to comply with the Federal Transportation...
11 Oct 2021 Posted By The Danielle Ward

DWI with a Child Passenger: What to Know

If you have a charge for a DWI with a child passenger in the vehicle, you need to act fast. With a Houston DWI lawyer, you have an advocate to...
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