It is important that you do your homework when looking for a lawyer. You want someone with experience, someone who has a proven track record of success instead of someone who simply talks about the importance of experience.

At The Martinez Law Firm, we have over 15 years of experience and have been proven throughout the years. To get a glimpse at just some of the victories we have obtained, please read through the case results listed below.

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Recent Results:

DWI – Defendant charged with DWI. Case was dismissed after a mistrial.

DWI – Defendant charged with DWI with blood and breath tests over the legal limit. Case dismissed.

DWI – Defendant charged with DWI with blood and breath tests over the legal limit. Case dismissed.

DWI – Defendant charged with second DWI. DWI was dismissed after showing that the field sobriety tests were done incorrectly.

DWI – Defendant charged with DWI (would have lost his license to practice in his field if convicted). Case dismissed.

DWI – Defendant charged with his fourth DWI (Felony). After going to court the case was reduced to a first time offender.

DWI – The defendant was involved in a multiple vehicle accident. Dismissed.

DWI – 2nd offense – Jury trial not guilty.

Assault Family Member – Case dismissed after proper investigation of the case.

Assault Family Member – The defendant was on parole, found not guilty via jury trial.

Aggravated Sexual Assault – Jury trial defendant found not guilty.

Sexual Assault – independent review of DNA leads to dismissal.

Possession of Cocaine – dismissed at trial- legal research displayed illegal search by the police officer.

Injury to Child – Case no billed after preparing the defendant to testify before the grand jury.

Theft/Shoplifting – dismissed after discussing flaws with the case with the prosecutor.

Probation Violation – Motion to revoke dismissed after talking to the judge and the prosecutor.

Indecency with a Child – At trial the defendant was found not guilty.

Felony Carrying a Weapon – Case dismissed after the State closed their case.

Murder – Case dismissed.

Possession of Marijuana– Case dismissed after arguing to the prosecutor that the defendant did not have knowledge that the marijuana was in his car.