Have You Been Charged With Selling Drugs in Houston?

Selling controlled dangerous drugs (CDS) such as heroin, cocainemarijuana, and more is illegal in Texas. It is also illegal to sell the compounds which go into manufacturing these controlled substances. Drug sales is a more serious charge than drug possession for one’s own use. To secure the best possible legal outcome based on the facts and circumstances of your drug crimes case, it is crucial to retain the services of a capable attorney. The Martinez Law Firm, serving all of Houston, provides reputable legal representation in all types of criminal defense, including those involving alleged drug sales.

Our firm is led by Houston drug crime attorney, Herman Martinez, a former chief prosecutor and former judge for the city of Houston, who has earned a well-deserved reputation for competence. With 15 years of legal experience under his belt, he is well-versed in all aspects of the laws and procedures pertaining to illegal drug sales and other drug-related crimes. Our firm’s high-quality legal representation has resulted in a 10 out of 10 Superb rating by Avvo as well as other recognitions, such as inclusion in the Top Criminal Defense Lawyers by H Texas Magazine. When you bring your case to The Martinez Law Firm, you can rest assured that you will be thoroughly defended and that the best possible options for your freedom and future will be sought.

Controlled Dangerous Drugs in Texas

Texas law makes it illegal to produce or sell controlled dangerous drugs or to possess CDS with the intention of making or selling them to others. The law breaks down controlled dangerous drugs into four penalty groups with varying punishments for a conviction. The penalties you will face will depend on the nature of the drug involved as well as the quantity found in your possession or under your control at the time of your arrest.

These penalty groups are categorized according to the danger of the substances, their degree of abuse or addiction, and whether they have any medical value. For example, Penalty Group 1 includes opiates of varying types and forms while Penalty Group 1-A includes LSD. Penalties for Group 1 can range from 180 days in jail to 15 to 99 years in prison with fines ranging from $10,000 to $250,000

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