Transportation of Illegal Drugs in Texas

If you or a loved one have been arrested for or are being investigated for the transportation of illegal drugs, it is imperative that you retain the experienced representation of The Martinez Law Firm. We have represented numerous clients facing diverse criminal charges for more than 15 years.

Attorney Martinez is not only a former Houston judge, but is also a former prosecutorThis kind of experience and knowledge of both sides of the courtroom is absolutely invaluable. Our practice has been tailored to the representation of your case. We are qualified to provide you guidance in and out of the courtroom.

Putting Our Extensive Experience to Work for You

Regardless of the distance or amount of drugs, the transportation of any illegal substances is against the law. We are always up to date on drug legislations as they continually change from state to state. If you were charged with the transportation of drugs in the Houston, Texas area, we are familiar with the laws pertaining to your unique situation.

Our extensive background in representing individuals charged with drug transportation qualifies us to help you next. We will investigate the circumstances surrounding your case and arrest in order to provide the strongest defense possible.

Possible defense strategies may arise from the following:

  • Insufficient evidence
  • Proof of innocence
  • Legal rationalization for the transportation
  • Lack of warrant prior to search
  • Negligent law enforcement procedure

Free Case Evaluation From a Former Prosecutor

Upon retaining the legal representation of our firm, you will receive the helpful insights that you need to properly address your drug transportation charges. Our Houston drug crime attorneys’ goal is to protect your freedoms, future, rights and well-being. The direct impact that our firm may have on your case is advantageous to your protection. We will seek the best possible resolution for your case by fighting tooth and nail on your behalf.

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