Everyone makes mistakes. Unfortunately, some mistakes have harsher consequences than others. When you are convicted of driving while intoxicated (DWI), you will be charged a fine and/or spend time in jail or prison for your offense and you will have a permanent mark on your criminal record. Or is it really permanent? In certain situations, a person can have a criminal offense erased from their record as if it never happened. This is known as expunctions or expungement.

Most convictions are indeed permanent, but there are a few circumstances that may allow for a conviction to be expunged. Simply said, a person should not have a mark on their record if they have not been convicted of the crime, or if it was dismissed; they should not have a criminal record if someone stole their identity and committed the crime under their name, meaning they are actually innocent, they should not have a record for a crime that has been acquitted in court or pardoned by the government.

Why You Need a Houston DWI Lawyer

In cases of DWI, expunction is extremely difficult to come by. The only way for it to be possible is if you can prove that you were indeed innocent, even after you have served a court sentence. The most important thing in this case is having a skilled Houston criminal defense lawyer on your side. If you believe you have a mark on your record for a crime that you were not guilty of committing, and you believe you have a solid case for expunction, speak with your attorney right away and see if anything could be done to clear your record.

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To learn if you may be eligible for DWI expunction, contact a Houston DWI attorney at the firm.