19 Jun 2020 Posted By The Martinez Law Firm

When Does a DWI Become a Felony?

What Should I Know so I can Protect Myself?  Any criminal defense attorney will tell you that felony DWI charge is nothing to scoff at. We all know the word...
11 Oct 2021 Posted By The Danielle Ward

DWI with a Child Passenger: What to Know

If you have a charge for a DWI with a child passenger in the vehicle, you need to act fast. With a Houston DWI lawyer, you have an advocate to...
05 Oct 2021 Posted By The Danielle Ward

DWI in a Rental Car in Houston, TX

When the police charge you with a DWI in a rental car in Houston, it doesn’t matter whether you live here or not. For pleasure and for business, millions of...
20 Sep 2021 Posted By The Danielle Ward

What Happens at an ALR Hearing?

What happens at an ALR hearing in Houston, TX tends to be straightforward. An Administrative License Revocation (ALR) Hearing is a civil process that occurs after an arrest for driving...
16 Sep 2021 Posted By The Danielle Ward

Role of a Criminal Defense Attorney

The role of a criminal defense attorney is to provide legal representation to someone. However, there’s much more to it than this surface-level explanation. The criminal justice system is complex. ...
30 Aug 2021 Posted By The Danielle Ward

Bicycle DWI in Texas: A DWI on a Bike?

A bicycle DWI sounds strange, right? You have a fun night with your friends and feel that a bike is a safer way to get home after a few drinks....
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