19 Jun 2020 Posted By The Martinez Law Firm

When Does a DWI Become a Felony?

What Should I Know so I can Protect Myself?  Any criminal defense attorney will tell you that felony DWI charge is nothing to scoff at. We all know the word...
03 Aug 2021 Posted By The Danielle Ward

No Refusal Weekend: What Texas Drivers Need to Know

A “no refusal” weekend sounds strange, right? Normally, you have the right to refuse a test when pulled over for a DWI. With our Houston DWI lawyer, we take a...
26 Jul 2021 Posted By The Danielle Ward

When to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney

Wondering when to hire a criminal defense attorney? When you have a brush with the law and face criminal charges, it’s a good idea to call a lawyer. Oftentimes, thoughts...
19 Jul 2021 Posted By The Danielle Ward

When Can Police Search My Vehicle?

“When can the police search my vehicle?” It’s something everyone needs to know. Whether they pull you over for a DWI in Houston or a traffic violation, you have rights....
12 Jul 2021 Posted By The Danielle Ward

How Police Investigate DWI Cases

Wondering how police investigate DWI cases? If an officer pulls you over and charges you with a DWI, you might wonder why. What happened to make them think you were...
06 Jul 2021 Posted By The Danielle Ward

How to Contest DWI Charges: A Quick Guide

When you want to contest DWI charges, your best bet is to find a Houston DWI lawyer. With an experienced attorney, you have an advocate on your side. Your legal...
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