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Drug distribution is a serious crime which can have a major impact on your life. Texas has strict laws when it comes to drug distribution throughout the state; both prosecutors and law enforcement take every opportunity to send a message to everyone that violation of drug laws will not be tolerated. If you’ve been arrested and charged or if you are being investigated for any type of drug distribution, you need a strong defender to protect your rights and advance your best interests throughout the criminal process. You will find such an attorney at The Martinez Law Firm, serving the men and women in Houston and its surrounding areas.

Attorney Herman Martinez is a former chief prosecutor who has more than 15 years of legal experience. In addition, he was a former judge for the city of Houston, Texas. He is a tough defender and litigator who has been recognized nationally as well as locally for his outstanding work. Avvo has given him a 10 out of 10 Superb rating. He was listed as a Top Criminal Defense Lawyer in 2009 and as Top Lawyer in 2008 and 2010 by H Texas Magazine. Because of his former stint as a prosecutor, our firm understands both sides of the criminal justice process and can strategize for best results. When you hire a Houston drug distribution lawyer from The Martinez Law Firm, you can rest assured that your case will be managed by a competent team of dedicated professionals.

Drug Distribution in Texas

Because it is a border state and entry point for drug trafficking into the U.S., Texas law enforcement agencies have developed aggressive methods for reducing drug distribution. Transporting or delivering controlled substances, such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine, and others are generally charged as drug distribution. Other evidence that can be used against you to develop a charge includes the possession of drug paraphernalia such as scales, baggies, and other equipment. In a drug distribution charge, it doesn’t matter whether the drugs were yours or not. You will be at risk for the same punishment as if you were selling drugs. In cases where large quantities are involved, you may face the more serious charge of drug trafficking.

The penalties involved in a conviction of  include jail or prison time, heavy fines, probation, and the potential seizure of personal assets, such as your car and home. Because of the complex nature of the laws pertaining to this, you should not hesitate to seek the help of a capable attorney. Contact our firm for a free, initial consultation to get started today.