Juvenile Criminal Justice System in Houston, TX

Has your child been arrested for juvenile crimes? Is your son or daughter currently under investigation for a criminal offense of some kind? One of the most important steps you can take if your child is facing allegations of juvenile crime should be to consult with an attorney experienced in handling these cases. For a child accused of criminal behavior, his or her entire future may be on the line.

This applies to relatively minor offenses such as graffiti or shoplifting all the way to serious gang-related offenses or violent crimes that may result in a child being tried as an adult. In any of these situations, an experienced Houston criminal defense lawyer may be able to assist a minor in avoiding a conviction and the serious repercussions that follow.

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A minor can be accused of virtually any criminal offense that an adult may commit. However, there are also situations where a child may face juvenile crimes for certain actions that are only considered crimes due to the minor’s age, such as underage drinking, curfew violations, or truancy. The juvenile court system operates differently for minors. They are not entitled to bail or a trial by jury. The juvenile justice system is supposed to be geared toward rehabilitation, but there are situations where serious penalties may be imposed or where a minor may even be tried as an adult, subject to the same penalties that an adult may face in a similar situation.

Attorney Martinez from our firm can get involved early in the process and can work to negotiate with the juvenile judge and protect your child’s rights in order to avoid serious penalties or trial as an adult. After all, a conviction for a juvenile crime may haunt a child for life, leading to difficulty with employment opportunities and limited educational opportunities.

Help your child fight for a brighter future and schedule a case evaluation with a Houston juvenile crime attorney today!