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Without clearing your record, a felony or misdemeanor can be available for future employers, landlords, or educational institutions to access at any time, you could be facing certain inevitable hardships. Employers will often refuse to hire convicted felons. The same could hold true for certain places of residence and educational facilities. You don’t have to be subject to different treatment and criminal discrimination let Martinez Law Houston help with clearing your record.

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Motions for Non-Disclosure

Orders of non-disclosure are made available by Texas Government Code § 411.081.

Sec. 411.081. Criminal History Record Information:

Notwithstanding any other provision of this subchapter, if a person is placed on deferred adjudication community supervision under Section 5, Article 42.12, Code of Criminal Procedure, subsequently receives a discharge and dismissal under Section 5(c), Article 42.12, and satisfies the requirements of Subsection (e), the person may petition the court that placed the defendant on deferred adjudication for an order of nondisclosure under this subsection.

If you were convicted of a crime and you successfully completed a deferred adjudication (plea bargain agreement in which punishment is deferred awaiting the outcome of a probationary time period – if the individual successfully completes this agreement, charges are then dismissed), you can petition the courts to sign an order of non-disclosure. If your petition is successful, deferred adjudication case results and details could be blocked from public access.

At the firm we have ample experience and have helped many clients clear their criminal record and work towards a brighter future. Only certain types of offenses can be expunged or subject to non-disclosure orders. If you have questions about whether your criminal record can be cleared, we can answer your questions and get you started on the process if you are eligible.