Charged with a computer or internet cybercrime?

As the internet takes a more prominent role in the daily lives of individuals across the country and the world, crimes involving the use or manipulating of the internet are also rising. Internet crimes can involve a wide range of criminal charges. For example, you have probably seen a television show or newscast dedicated to finding individuals soliciting underage children for sex or sexual acts. Cybercrimes of all types are becoming more prevalent, which means that law enforcement is more heavily enforcing and investigating internet activity.

Identity theft, consumer fraud, internet fraud, hacking, child pornography charges, and other crimes are often intimately connected with computers and the internet. These offenses can be combined with one another depending upon the circumstances of your case. If you have been charged with any type of crime involving the internet, you need to make sure that you are aware of your legal and constitutional rights. Our Houston internet crime attorneys have extensive experience handling all types of offense connected with the internet or computers.

Tough Defense from a Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer

You should always speak with a qualified Houston criminal defense lawyer before you answer questions or submit to any interrogations by the police. It doesn’t matter if you are innocent or guilty, you need to protect yourself and your rights. You can exercise your right to remain silent and your right to legal counsel. As soon as you are aware that you are being investigated for or charged with a cyber-related crime, you should contact one of our lawyers to discuss your defense options.

We have the capability and the resources to fully research and investigate any charges against you relating to the internet. We will work with you to build a strong defense that will protect you throughout your case. As we are an intimate law firm, we are able to meet with you directly to discuss the specifics of your case. We believe that the better we know you, the better we can defend you and help you navigate the Texas legal system.

Contact a Houston internet crime attorney from The Martinez Law Firm today to get started on your case.