Theft Crimes During Christmas Time

theft crime at Christmas time

Thieves have an abundance of opportunities to steal. For one, some thieves will shoplift at busy malls days before Christmas. This is because inventory is typically scattered during the holidays and oftentimes it is harder to keep track of what is taken from the store and what is paid for. As well, some thieves target shoppers’ cars. These thieves will break into cars while shoppers are in the mall and lift their brand new purchase. With so many online retail websites, many individuals steal brand new items and then list them online to make a profit.

Stealing Packages Is A Federal Crime

In addition to these types of thievery, some individuals will steal packages off porch steps. This very common type of stealing is also considered a federal crime because it has to do with usurping packages sent by the mailing system. Stealing packages is a serious crime and can result in major prosecution. Sometimes, individuals will also rob houses at Christmas. While this sounds extremely Grinch-like, it is true that some robbers want to take the presents that are so neatly wrapped and new. They may sneak into homes and lift all of the presents before a family wakes up.

Theft crimes during Christmas are serious. If you are caught committing  theft crimes during Christmas, you may be charged and need to face the court. If your case is taken to trial, you may find that you have a difficult time defending your position as the jury is emotionally wrapped up in the fact that you stole something from a family on Christmas. If you want assistance in your case, don’t hesitate to call the Houston criminal defense attorneys at our firm today to learn more. With a former prosecutor on your side, you have a better chance of getting the results that you want in your case. Hire The Martinez Law Firm today to learn more!