Key Questions to Ask a DWI Lawyer

If You Don’t Ask These Key Questions You May Not Make Your Case

After a DWI arrest, it’s essential you know what questions to ask a DWI lawyer before you make your choice. In Texas, driving while intoxicated (DWI) is a very serious matter. That means you need serious representation from a lawyer who understands the court systems and the DWI process. 

Above all, it’s important that you talk to a DWI defense attorney about your case as soon as possible. Following an arrest, you have 15 days to save your license, and our DWI defense legal team can help! 

Moreover, you should never enter a guilty plea for a DWI charge before our team analyzes your case. At your free consultation, we can discuss your case and begin to determine a strategy that gives you a clear advantage and the best possible outcome. 

Do I Need a Lawyer?

There are some who question whether they need a lawyer to represent them. At times, they also believe that admitting guilt will make everything go away faster. This simply is not true. Today, a DWI conviction carries potentially overwhelming consequences that can alter your life forever.

When you face a DWI charge, it is far too serious to take on by yourself. Not hiring an attorney is one of the most common mistakes that people make. However, when you do not seek professional, experienced legal representation, it can be a very costly mistake. 

When a driver is arrested for drunk driving, they need a lawyer to examine the details of their arrest. Together, we explore the potential strategies and provide guidance on how to fight for the best possible outcome in your DWI case. Everyone’s situation is unique because it depends on their specific circumstances. Because no two arrests are the same, the outcome often depends upon the details of your arrest. 

The Key Questions to Ask a DWI Lawyer 

So, what are the questions to ask a DWI attorney? When you decide to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer, it’s a good idea to write out a list of the questions you want to ask. Going over your case is a stressful experience for some, but it’s important to ensure you ask everything you need to. When you hire a Houston criminal defense attorney, you should feel confident in your selection. 

  • How long have you been practicing DWI law in Texas?
  • Do you specialize in Texas DWI law, or is your firm a general practice? 
  • How many DWI cases have you defended over the past year? 
  • What percentage of your DWI cases go to trial, and how successful are you?
  • Have you been able to reduce charges or have them dropped in the past? 
  • What do your clients say about you in their testimonials? 
  • How do you determine the strategy for your cases? 
  • Do you have an understanding of alcohol toxicology, blood alcohol content, and field sobriety tests? 
  • How much will you charge for my case, and how do you determine your attorney fees? 
  • Do you offer payment plans since people often face these charges unexpectedly? 
  • Can I book appointments in the evenings or on weekends to fit my schedule? 

Understanding the details of your case is essential for a lawyer. However, the free case evaluation is about you as well. It’s a time for you to ask whatever questions you need to in order to understand your situation. When you leave your free consultation, you should feel confident in who you hire. 

Our defense team has the skills and knowledge necessary to defend your rights. Call us today, and let us show you that we are the advocates you deserve. 

Your Houston Lawyer: Schedule a Consultation Today

If you currently face DWI charges in Harris County or the surrounding area, it is essential that you have a DWI defense attorney review your arrest information immediately. Schedule a free consultation today, and share your story with us. We want to hear your side of the story as we review the details of your arrest. 

As lawyers, we strive to provide you with strong defense options and sound guidance for what to do next. We understand the pressure you are under and want to help you move on as quickly as possible. 

When you have questions to ask a DWI lawyer, schedule your consultation today. At your initial consultation, we discuss potential defenses and options. You need to understand what an experienced DWI lawyer can do for you. Let us show you. 

Los Clientes De Este Abogado No Espera En Fila Para Corte

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