Financially-Motivated Criminal Offenses

A “white collar” crime is a particular type of criminal offense that usually involves crimes such as fraud, embezzlement, insider trading, racketeering, forgery and other similar offenses. They are called white collar crimes because they are usually committed by businessmen or women with higher-level employment such as CEO, CFO, manager or other position requiring financial or other responsibility.

Our Houston white collar crime lawyers at The Martinez Law Firm are very aware of the circumstances that one of these types of charges can put you in as a respected employee or manager. If you are convicted of any type of embezzling, fraud, forgery or similar pecuniary crime as an employee, you will be unlikely to receive similar employment once you have served your sentence. If you have been charged with any white collar/business/corporate crime in Texas, you need to protect yourself and your reputation.

Protecting Your Career & Reputation

Our Houston criminal defense attorneys have successfully defended many individuals charged with all different types of white collar crimes throughout the Harris County area. If you think that your employer suspects you of embezzlement, fraud, or any other white-collar crime, you need to take action to protect yourself and your reputation. If you anticipate an accusation, don’t wait for a criminal charge – prepare yourself beforehand and ensure that your good name and your reputation are protected in the best way possible.

At The Martinez Law Firm, we are fully aware of the necessary defense actions that need to be taken in order to protect you. We can investigate and research the circumstances leading up to your accusation to build a solid defense for you. We are devoted to providing you with the legal representation that you need and the support and dedication that you expect from a leading legal group.

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