Just days after the news broke that Minnesota Viking’s star running back Adrian Peterson had been indicted by a Texas grand jury, Attorney Herman Martinez was called by WCCO Morning News anchor David Lee for his legal opinion on the case. Peterson had been accused of beating his four-year-old son with a tree branch and was charged with reckless or negligent injury to a child on September 12, 2014.

Adrian Peterson

Martinez Breaks Down Adrian Peterson Case

The host of the Minnesota CBS radio affiliate conducted an interview with Houston Criminal Defense Lawyer Martinez on September 15. He asked him several questions regarding differences in child abuse laws in different states, the immediate future of the running back’s case, strategies Peterson’s defense may employ, and several other matters. David Lee, the host of the show, specifically called upon Attorney Martinez upon due to his notoriety in the legal field and his reputation as a top lawyer in Houston.

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As an attorney who has been rated 10.0 out of 10.0 ‘Superb’ on Avvo, Attorney Martinez prides himself on providing legal service that is aggressive and effective. His clients agree. To see for yourself the type of reviews that he has received over time, just click here to go to his Avvo profile. There, you will find nearly 30 reviews from past clients and more than 10 endorsements from his peers in the legal industry.

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<span><p>According to My Fox Houston, a group of activists protesting a pipeline project in downtown Houston this morning were arrested for their behavior. The individuals were expressing their opinion on the Keystone XL Pipeline project. The group organizes outside of the TransCanada headquarters, but police felt it proper to arrest them for misdemeanor trespassing because they were on the property. The police claimed that the act was in civil disobedience.</p>
<p>The Keystone XL Pipeline Project involves an effort to build a pipeline from Canada to the Texas Gulf Coast. Yet activists believe that the pipeline will damage the environment and should be stopped before it’s built. One protestor told news stations that the pipeline is going to brine dirty materials across the United States down to Houston where it can be refined and shipped to Asia to be burned. According to protestors the oil will not be used in America unless it spills.</p>
<p>Regardless of the protestor’s opinions and whether or not they are correct, the police say that trespassing is a <a href=”/Criminal_Defense/Misdemeanor_Charges.aspx”>misdemeanor</a> crime. Depending on the nature of the trespassing it can be charged as a Class A, Class B or Class C misdemeanor. On the other hand, protesting and expressing opinions is a constitutional right.</p>
<p>If you have been silenced for protesting and believe that your arrest violated your rights as stated in the U.S. Constitution, then you need to talk to a <a href=”/”>Houston criminal defense attorney</a> about this immediately. With the right attorney on your side, you may be able to avoid prosecution and prove that you should not have been arrested for your crime in the first place. Talk to someone at The Martinez Law Firm today to learn more about this crime or to develop a convincing defense.</p></span>

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Another important trait for a criminal attorney is someone who loves what
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rights and needs to love the work they do and not just be in it for the money.


A solid Houston criminal lawyer will also be someone who has integrity
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Martinez Law: What We Do.

According to United States law, you have the right to an attorney. This means that no matter what situation you are in, you can hire a hardworking defense attorney to advocate for you in court. Whether you have been accused of murder or a DUI, having a Houston criminal lawyer on your side is essential.

Watch this video to hear what Mr. Herman Martinez has to say about your rights as an American. You can exercise your right and hire a trustworthy, tenacious, relentless advocate to support you in your case. Mr. Herman Martinez has over 15 years of experience in the area of criminal law, so he is well equipped to represent you in court. He has a desire to help as many clients as possible with their accusations. He uses his vast experience in court and knowledge of criminal defense to help. Furthermore, he has expert research tactics and will stop at nothing to find laws that are applicable to your case.

For example, if you are accused of a drug crime, Mr. Martinez will first research the laws in details that apply to your case. This way, he can determine whether or not you deserve to be charged with your crime. After he has researched the laws, he will look over the police reports, and will then contact any witnesses to get their statements. He will hire investigators to probe the details of the crime and will talk with you for hours to hash out every single second of the arrest. With the time and attention that you will receive from Mr. Martinez, you can be sure that you are getting a lawyer that is doing all he can for you in this case. Mr. Martinez has proven to be a successful
Houston criminal defense lawyer even in complex criminal cases. He has been recognized on state and federal levels for his excellent work in this practice area.

About Herman Martinez:

In addition to receiving praise from many significant persons in the court, Mr. Martinez’s successes speak for themselves on his Avvo account. Avvo profiles are reserved for attorneys and are a place for the lawyer to place his or her profile and wait for clients to write reviews and rate the service. In most cases, lawyers receive between a 6 and a 7on Avvo, meaning that most clients were satisfied with their aid. Yet Mr. Martinez boasts a magnificent 10.0/10 rating. This is considered “superb” on the site and is based on the testimony of many clients who have used Mr. Martinez to advocate for them. He has rated high because of his abundant experience, his respectable reputation that precedes him in the industry, and his professional conduct with clients and in court. He has been endorsed by other lawyers who work in criminal defense.

Other lawyers in Houston say that he would heartily recommend Mr. Martinez because he is dedicated and compassionate with these clients. He is also respected by all of his opponents and has a wonderful personality and rare integrity. One attorney writes that he regularly trusts Mr. Martinez with his referrals because he practices personal injury. When a client has been harmed in the midst of committing a crime, then he refers them to Mr. Martinez to receive optimal defense. You can also check out The Martinez Law Firm Facebook page in order to see more testimonials by clients and read informative news articles written by Mr. Martinez and the staff at the firm for your information.

According to Justia, Mr. Martinez us the leading attorney at his law firm and also founded the organization. He previously served as a chief prosecutor for the Harris County District’s Office, so he understands both the defense and prosecution in criminal law. This gives him a significant advantage over other attorneys because he is able to anticipate the other side’s moves and counter-attack. Mr. Martinez is a member of many noteworthy organizations, including the Harris County Criminal Lawyers Association, the Fifth Circuit Bar Association, the Harris County Bar Association, and the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. He is also a part of the National College for DUI Defense and the Hispanic Bar Association of Houston. From 2009 until the present, he has reached status as an H-Texas Magazine Top Lawyer. He has also been nominated to be on the Super Lawyers®list. In addition to speaking English, Mr. Martinez is also fluent in Spanish so that he can best help those of this language group.

He can aid in all areas of criminal defense. This includes DWI charges,
domestic violence cases, juvenile defense, assault charges, theft crimes,
sex crimes, and more. The Martinez Law Firm even has a whole website dedicated to the practice of drug crimes defense. You can check out the law firm’s profile on Find a Criminal Defense Attorney if you want more information on the practice areas that are performed. Mr. Martinez wants to be there for his clients at all times, which is why he provides two numbers to call on his website.

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If Mr. Martinez’s credentials aren’t enough to convince you of his ability to take on your case, then maybe the reviews from his clients will. You can check Insider Pages to read reviews about this client or visit the
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