Enlist the Help of a Qualified Drug Crime Lawyer

If you have been charged with drug possession, it is very important that you contact an experienced lawyer as soon as you possibly can. Depending upon the circumstances of your situation, you could be facing extremely serious penalties. Certain drugs carry fewer and less severe penalties than others if you are found to have them in your possession by a law enforcement officer. For example, possession of methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, or other similar drugs will most likely result in a felony charge. Conversely, if you are in possession of a small amount of marijuana, you could face a misdemeanor charge.

With a drug possession conviction on your criminal record, you will face lasting and traumatic consequences. The law can be harsh and unforgiving against drug offenders because prosecutors and law enforcement officers do not want dangerous or controlled substances in circulation among the general public. You might even find yourself in a very difficult situation in which your possession charges are combined with intent to sell charges. This can significantly increase the severity of your sentence, so ensure that you have a hard-hitting Houston criminal defense lawyer to protect you from the prosecution.

Why The Martinez Law Firm?

Our Houston drug crime attorneys have experience and are skilled trial lawyers. Because we are an intimate legal team, you will always be able to meet with your attorney in order to discuss your case. We will tirelessly work to uphold your rights throughout the duration of your drug possession case in Houston and we know the gravity of the situation that you are in. That is why we always create a solid, aggressive defense based on your unique circumstances.

One of our attorneys has extensive experience as a former chief prosecutor for the Harris County District Attorney’s office. You will benefit from that invaluable experience and insight into how drug possession cases are charged in Texas. Since our lawyers are able to look at any possession case from both sides, your defense will be that much stronger. Don’t trust your freedom to anyone else.