Authorities Search for a Man Who Robbed a Bank in Walmart

robbed a bank

A man in Houston robbed a bank inside of a Walmart in Harris County early this morning. According to the FBI, the suspect walked into the store and went up to the teller’s window. He handed the teller a note and demanded finances. He threatened the teller, claiming that he had a gun and was willing to use it.

The teller complied with his wishes, and the suspect walked out of the store with cash in hand. He got into a silver Pontiac Grand Prix and sped from the scene. This is not the only time that a Harris County local has robbed a bank in the area in recent days. Some suspect that the same individual continues to rob banks in the area.

Harris County Sheriffs are now looking into the incident. They are still trying to determine how many suspects were inside the bank for the robbery and how much money they fled with. The getaway vehicle was located in a shopping center and there was cash inside the vehicle. It has been recovered, but police are still looking for the offender.

If you have been accused of robbing a bank, then you are going to want a Houston criminal defense attorney on your side immediately. Bank robbery is a serious crime that can result in life-altering penalties and marks on a person’s record. Texas State Law says that a bank robber can be charged with up to 20 years in prison and a fine of $250,000.

Aggravated robbery is a robbery that occurs when a suspect causes serious bodily injury to another or uses or exhibits a weapon. This means that the robber doesn’t actually have to use the weapon, exhibiting the gun or knife is enough to constitute aggravated robbery. If you have been charged of this crime and want a defense lawyer on your side, don’t hesitate to hire a professional former prosecutor at The Martinez Law Firm. A
Houston criminal defense attorney at this firm will help you to get the assistance that you need today. Contact the firm right away to learn more!


Houston Deputy Indicted for Coercing Woman with Warrants

police officer coerces woman into sexual favors

According to recent reports of police crimes, a Harris County sheriff’s deputy was recently indicted after claims that he was coercing women with warrants into pleasuring him sexually. Reports show that he told one woman that if she performed an act with him, he would not turn her in. He has been charged with the police crimes of sexual assault and official oppression as a result. According to investigators, he came across a woman who had an open warrant, and then offered not to arrest her in exchange for physical interactions.

Whenever police are arrested and indicted, it can be very serious. Those who are supposed to be maintaining the law are often held to the highest standard, and when arrested and charged with police crimes officers are at risk to serious punishments and guaranteed job loss. If you want to learn more about police crimes, or if you are an officer who has been charged with a serious crime, then you need to talk with a Martinez Law Firm criminal defense attorney today.

Sadly, many police officers are falsely accused of crimes like the one described above. Sometimes angry criminals want to avoid penalties, and will claim false arrests or accuse a police officer of gross misconduct. If you have been accused of a police misconduct crime, and are not guilty, then you need to talk with a Houston criminal defense lawyer at the firm today and set the record straight. At The Martinez Law Firm, Attorney Martinez and his team are here to help you out with your criminal charges. The firm is focused on working to help you with your case and doing all that they can to prove your innocence. Don’t hesitate to call the firm right away to learn more and get the information that you need!


Holiday Gatherings and Domestic Violence Crimes

domestic violence charge? herman martinez can help you

For some families, having everyone together under one roof is a joyous celebration. For others, this could be a recipe for disaster. Sometimes, the holidays can remind bitter ex’s of the way things used to be, and can cause a person to become depressed and irrational. Also, some family members may have high expectations for how they want the holidays to play out.

If a holiday does not turn out the way that this individual expected, the added stress and disappointment may send this person over the edge. The National Institute of Justice says that this condition is called familicide. There are certain risk factors which put a person at a high probability to struggle with familicide. For example, if a person has a history of domestic violence, access to a gun, and a prior history of substance abuse this typically puts that individual at a high risk to familicide. Sometimes an uninvited family member can also attend a Thanksgiving celebration unexpectedly, and this can result in altercations that can lead to arrests.

If you are arrested for a domestic violence act this year during the Thanksgiving celebrations, then you are going to want an attorney on your side to represent you. A Houston criminal defense lawyer at The Martinez Law Firm can help you with your case and will represent you in the best light possible. Maybe you were mentally unstable at the time of your action, or you may be innocent. Sometimes bitter relatives will accuse an innocent relative of physical or sexual abuse in order to get even.

If you are accused of any domestic crimes, hire an aggressive Houston criminal defense attorney to come alongside you immediately. You will want someone who can be tactical in helping you with your case and will be able to evidence your innocence.


The Crime of Forgery

Forgery is a serious offense and it is punishable as a felony in all fifty states. In most cases, it is penalized as a federal offense; and is defined as the crime of making, altering, use, or possession of false writing in order to commit a crime or fraud – especially, if a person fakes another individual’s signature or imitates handwriting on important documents.

When a person commits forgery, the person must intentionally alter a document in a dishonest way; which means not only faking signatures, but can also be altering existing writing if the changing of the material affects a person’s legal rights. Deleting, adding, or changing significant portions of a document can also be considered an illegal or forged alteration.

In order for false writing to be considered forgery, the writing must have apparent legal significant. For example, if a person forges a passport, driver’s license, or government-issued document then this will constitute forgery. A document need not necessarily be a legal or government- issued document. It simply needs to affect a person’s rights and obligations in order to be considered fraud.

In order to be guilty of forgery, the defendant must intend to defraud someone or some entity; as a federal law, it is punishable by a fine and up to fifteen years in prison. Federal law also prohibits forms of falsification such as counterfeiting money, or faking immigration documents and military discharge certificates.

If you want to learn more about forgery crimes, or if you have been charged with forgery and now want assistance in your case, then contact a lawyer at The Martinez Law Firm today. With the right attorney there to help you, you will be able to tackle your case with confidence and may be able to avoid serious penalties associated with forgery.

Texas Crimes: Racketeering

racketeering - explained by houston criminal defense attorney Herman Martinez

In the state of Texas, it is illegal to commit any offense that qualifies as racketeering. Essentially, racketeering is the federal criminal act of engaging in an illegal business act or running an illegal or illegitimate business. RICO is the Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organization Laws which make it particularly illegal to profit from an illegal business. The goal is to stop the flow of income to criminal organizations that ultimately use the profits to fund their illegal activities.

If you are accused of racketeering in Texas, there are a variety of defenses that you may be able to use to argue your side of the case. For example, if you can prove that you are not a member of the criminal organization that you were affiliated with, then you may be able to avoid any punishment. Also, if you can prove that you didn’t have any knowledge that your actions were furthering the agenda of a criminal organization, then you may be able to avoid penalties. For example, if you were deceived into thinking you were working with a legal organization when you were really working for a criminal operation, you may be able to prove that you were mistaken.

If you are convicted of racketeering in Texas, you will typically be charged with a Class A misdemeanor. In some cases individuals can be charged with a felony, even a first degree felony depending on the nature of the organization. Racketeering can sometimes be an additional crime. For example, if you are affiliated with an organization that supplies hit-men to those wanting to commit a murder, and you commit the murder, then you will be charged with both murder and racketeering. Learn more about this crime by talking with a Houston criminal defense attorney. With the right lawyer on your side you may be able to avoid serious penalties. Contact the firm today if you want to learn more!

Woman Accused of Hair Extension Theft

Woman Accused of Hair Extension Theft - herman martinez - criminal defense lawyer explains

Hair extension theft is an unusual charge that a few women were recently charged with in Houston. People can steal virtually anything and be arrested for theft crimes. Recently, four women were captured on camera stealing an unlikely target: hair extensions. The women tried to use social media websites to sell the stolen products and were arrested as a result. The offense was captured on a surveillance camera on September 16th at a shop called Mr. Indian Hair. The shop’s owner says that he was probably the victim of the hair extension theft because they are extremely high in demand due to the desire for thick, volumized hair.

The human hair extensions sold at the shop cost between $150-$200 and the average woman purchases three separate pieces in order to add to her full head of hair. The surveillance video shows the four women walking into the store and talking with the one clerk inside. The women asked the employee about a piece of hair that was only stored in the back and the clerk went back into storage to get the piece. At this time, the women grabbed several hangers of hair and a fourth woman ran out to get the getaway car ready.

The store owner says that the women stole about $15,000 to $20,000 worth of hair from the store. He couldn’t identify the thieves using the surveillance video, but there was a break in the case when some individuals informed the man that his products were being sold on the street and vie an Instagram shop.

This tip helped the police identify the four suspects right away. All of them face a felony theft charge for their crime. If you have been arrested for shoplifting theft, then talk to a Houston criminal defense attorney today to learn more. With the right lawyer on your side, you will be able to seek defense in your case and possibly avoid serious charges.


Police Searching for Vandalism Offender Targeting Disabled Marine

Disabled Marine vandalized and defended by houstons best criminal defense attorney Herman Martinez with The Martinez Law Firm

A disabled marine was saddened when he found his car had been targeted by vandals in Houston over the weekend. The individual says that he has battled Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder(PTSD) since coming home from the war, and relies on his service dog to help him manage all kinds of stress.

It did not help his stress levels when he discovered that his car was heavily vandalized. The 28-year-old disabled Marine veteran who served in Iraq says that he woke up to see graffiti all over his car. There were racial slurs, spray paint vulgarities, and inappropriate words strewn all over the car. The veteran says that the mirrors were also painted black and the bumpers were busted off of the car. The veteran says that he suffered extreme embarrassment after he found his car so damaged.

The veteran currently lives off of his disability checks. He says that he did his best to clean up his ’96 Ford Escape after the incident but was not able to remove all of the grafitti. Neighbors say that other cars in the Houston area have also been vandalized, reportedly by the same group of delinquent teenagers. The Marine believes that without his service dog, he may not have been able to handle the frustration of the vandalism.

Vandalism of an automobile is a serious offense, and those who are charged with this crime in Houston can face grave penalties if convicted. Oftentimes the Texas courts will charge vandalism as criminal mischief, depending on the extent of the damage, the crime can either be a misdemeanor or a felony. Felony vandalism holds state jail time. Because most car vandalism cases cost thousands of dollars in repairs, they are typically considered state jail felonies. If you want more information contact a Houston criminal defense attorney today!



I was at a get together this weekend when the topic of money laundering came up. Not surprisingly, most people thought that a money laundering arrest involves millions of dollars like it is shown in movies like Scarface or Blow. While money laundering does stem from alleged drug dealing like those films the arrests in Houston, Texas do not involve that much cash. The typical case in Harris County, Texas involves a young person that is carrying a gym bag that is fully loaded while acting nervous around law enforcement, the police. What is surprising to me is that the young person typically gives the police consent to search their bag. In most instances, the police only have a hunch that is something is afoul and get lucky that the person does not know that they have the right to refuse the search. The typical “mule” is carrying $50,000 to $100,000 in cash, is under 30, and receiving less that $5,000 for transporting the money. They are a far cry from Tony Montana or George Jung.


The Houston Police are currently on the lookout for a “wigged bandit” and three other suspects that are responsible for a bank robbery in Heights. The FBI is also aiding in the search to hunt down the men who robbed a local credit union earlier in the week. According to investigators the armed men went into a Texas Dow Employees Credit Union and demanded cash from those behind the counter. They escaped from the scene of the crime unharmed.

One man wore a woman’s wig, and the others concealed their faces with masks and sunglasses. If caught, the Houston Police will press charges against the men and see that they are punished for their actions. If you want information about bank robberies or if you have been arrested for a theft crime and would like an aggressive lawyer on your side, then you need to contact a Houston criminal defense attorney at The Martinez Law Firm today!


houston crimes and false arrests explained by criminal defense attorney herman martinez

<span><p>In the city of Houston, crime is somewhat common. In data collected from 2011, there were 198 murders in the city of Houston, meaning that there were 9.2 murders per 100,000 individuals in the city. There were also 771 cases of rape that were reported that year, and 8,054 robberies. There were 765 cases of arson, which is the act of setting fire to buildings deliberately to cause damage. As well, there were 12,281 auto thefts and 11,869 reported cases of assault. The most common crime in the city of Houston in 2011 was theft in general, with 68,596 reported cases.</p>
In 2010, there were more murders than in 2011, and there were less rape
cases. As well, there were more robberies, more
<a href=”/Criminal_Defense/Assault.aspx”>assaults</a>, more burglaries, more
<a href=”/Criminal_Defense/Theft_Crimes.aspx”>thefts</a>, more auto thefts and more
<a href=”/Criminal_Defense/Arson.aspx”>arson</a> cases. This shows that the Houston police department and other authorities
are working very hard to reduce the crime rate in this city. While this
is a noteworthy accomplishment, crime is a terrible thing, and the government continues to fight to reduce the numbers for this year and years to come. That means that sometimes law enforcement can be over-zealous to find offenders, and may falsely arrest Houston citizens.
If you have been charged with a crime, you want an aggressive
<a href=”/Attorney_Profile.aspx”>Houston criminal defense lawyer</a> such as Herman Martinez, on your side right away. Attorney Martinez is a former prosecutor who knows many individuals in the Houston court system and understands both sides of the law. He is more than willing to take on your case and help you work through the charges that you are currently dealing with. Don’t wait to get help, contact the firm right now and receive a <a href=”/Case_Evaluation.aspx”>free initial consultation</a> where you can discuss the details of your case confidentially. If you’re looking for the best criminal defense you can get, look no further.


loitering laws - herman martinez - houston criminal defense attorney


In many states, loitering is illegal. Loitering is typically the action of wandering from place to place without any apparent business. Normally, the court must prove that the accused posed some sort of threat to society or public safety in order to charge that person with the crime. If a police officer sees a person that is loitering, normally that officer can demand identification and an explanation of the persons’ personal activities. If the person fails to comply, then the officer can arrest him or her. Laws are very specific that an officer must have observed that an individual was loitering before asking for identification.

Many people argue that officers use loitering laws to clear neighborhoods of homeless or undesirable people who tend to congregate on the streets. Some courts believe that these laws are unconstitutional on the grounds that they are discriminatory against the poor people. The safest place to challenge the validity of a loitering law or loitering arrest is in the court room. You will want a hardworking Houston criminal defense attorney to assist you if you believe that you mistreated on the grounds of loitering and want to set the record straight.

With a Houston criminal defense lawyer from The Martinez Law Firm on your side, you may be able to show that your arrest was discriminatory, unconstitutional, or unwarranted. You may also be able to show that you were in a specific place for a specific reason. If you were not granted the right to remain silent during your arrest, and were taken into custody because you failed to answer an officer’s questions, then you can also argue that this is a violation of you Miranda Rights. Contact an attorney at The Martinez Law Firm to discuss your specific case in detail with a trusted professional!


Road rage is the act of driving angrily and aggressively without any regard to other motorists out on the road. Those who are struggling with road rage tend to speed, cut other off, tailgate, and do a variety of other dangerous or foolish acts. If a driver who is displaying road rage ends up in a fatal accident, then that man or woman can be arrested and may be charged with vehicular manslaughter. This is because the witnesses may be able to evidence that the driver was operating his or her vehicle with reckless intent.

If you have been arrested for vehicular manslaughter stemming from road rage, then you need to hire a local criminal defense attorney to help you combat your crimes. Without a hardworking lawyer on your side, you may be convicted of this serious crime and may eventually be jailed as a result. Even if you merely injured a person in a car accident due to road rage, it could still lead to a charge and a conviction for vehicular assault. This is especially true if you were angry at the driver and then bumped his or her car or facilitated an accident out of anger.

Many times, road rage accidents may be the result of a DWI. Some intoxicated individuals become excessively angry, and may even cause accidents as a way to vent their anger at drivers out on the road. Even a driver who does not have an illegal BAC above the 0.08% threshold can be arrested for this crime and charged with vehicular assault or manslaughter if the alcohol caused aggressive and irritable behavior. Those who are driving with a BAC above 0.08% may be arrested for dual crimes. Talk to a
Houston criminal defense attorney today if you want more information about how aggressive driving or road rage can affect a case and how to combat accusations.


Recently, a domestic violence fight erupted at a girl’s 16th birthday that ended in the tragic death of both of her parents. According to KHOU, the parents began arguing as the party, and the argument escalated when a gun was pulled. The father, Kelly Suckla, shot his wife Kristi near the door of the home at about 10:00 p.m. After realizing what he had just done, the enraged father turned the gun on himself in the front yard and committed suicide. While the couple had been estranged for years, they were still married and were allegedly on amicable terms. Both had chosen to get together for their daughter’s birthday to make it a special day for her. Kristi allegedly moved into her parent’s home two months before her death and was hosting the Sweet 16 at this residency.

Neighbors were speechless when they heard about the shocking deaths. They say that this is relatively a quiet neighborhood that is full of families and laughter. The family members at the party were aware that both husband and wife would be at the party together, and the violence was not anticipated in the least. Family members who were there at the time of the death include the couple’s daughter and son. Though they did not witness the shooting, both children say that they hear the screams and the gunfire.

Tragically, this is not the only domestic violence murder that has taken place in Texas in recent years.

In fact, in recent days the number of murders has more than doubled. There were 26 murders related to a domestic argument in Dallas alone last year, which is saddening when there were only 10 the year before. The spike in abuse cases may be related to the unemployment levels in Texas. Many researchers say that when spouses aren’t employed it can be unhealthy for their relationships and may cause tension that can lead to abuse. In Texas, officers are now prioritizing domestic abuse cases above others to tackle this extreme and saddening problem.

If you have been accused of domestic violence, you may be facing serious sentences for your crime. If you need someone to advocate for you in court to prove your innocence, then The Martinez Law Firm may be the right firm for you.


All across the United States, arson, the crime of setting property or items on fire, is considered a crime. Recently, a man was arrested in the Lubbock area when he allegedly set an apartment building on fire. The devastating fire caused the death of an elderly woman who was not able to evacuate before she was engulfed. The police took a 23-year-old suspect into custody and charged him with the murder of the woman inside the building.

The Lubbock Police Department claims that this criminal intentionally set the building on fire. The police thought the fire was suspicious when they realized that there were no product defects or kitchen fires that had caused the blaze. At the last report, the 23-year-old in custody was being held on a $3 million bond. The jail records show that the young man lives in an apartment where the fire broke out and that the blaze may have originated in his room. They think that it may have been purposeful. It is still not certain whether or not the elderly woman who perished in the fire lived alone. Her name has been kept from the press in order to preserve her family’s privacy.

Arson and murder are two serious felonies that can come with exorbitant charges. In Texas, the courts have upheld capital punishment, so murder can even cause a death sentence. If this happens, then the defendant will want an incredibly talented and hardworking attorney on his or her side. Because violent crimes are taken seriously in Texas, you will want a lawyer who is unwavering in his resolve to defend you. You need someone that you can rely on, and someone that you can be sure will be there for you every step of the way. At The Martinez Law Firm, you can trust an attorney to come alongside you and advocate for your best interests.



In Harris County Texas, in May of 2011, a young man was close to getting away with his well-thought-out crime of robbery, until he shot himself. Investigators share that they believe he would have actually been able to make an escape had he not incapacitated himself by way of shooting himself after the hold-up. Twenty-year-old Kerney Devon Benson-Flowers now is facing charges for felony aggravated robbery for his actions.

According to a criminal report filing by a witness motorist stating that he and his friend were sitting in a vehicle on Sapphire Mist Court close to the North Freeway at the time they say Flowers and another individual approaching. They were driving in a large Dodge Ram truck and then soon parked in the neighborhood cull-de-sc. Within moments the witnesses saw two men with ski masks covering their faces and armed with weapons, approaching their vehicle. At this point, they demanded their wallets, and in fear of being killed they handed them over to the criminals without hesitation.

The witnesses state that the following turn of events was anything from normal because as the two robbers were running away back to their truck, there was a gunshot and a loud scream. Flowers was the individual who accidentally shot himself, though it is uncertain how severe the injuries were at the time. These two men did escape at the time, and little did they know that month’s later one of them would be pinned back to the crime. After the police conducted investigations from the scene of the robbery and single gunshot, they were able to find traces of blood as well as bullet fragments. Police sent these findings off to the crime lab for testing and in October the reports came backlinking the crime to Flowers.

Local Deputy Thomas Gilland, with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office, states that this incident just proves again that criminals think they can get away with their crimes, and he discusses that now a day’s law enforcement has the needed technology to link criminals to their actions making it harder for them to get away with it. According to police reports, Flowers had already spent three years of his life in prison for a theft conviction and was just recently released from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Robbery charges can result in severe consequences with the law if an individual is convicted, especially in the case of Flowers who have a previous record of theft convictions. Law enforcement officials will stop at nothing to take action against individuals who have broken the law, which is why hiring a criminal defense attorney is so essential. If you are facing similar charges for theft or any other criminal offense, contact
The Martinez Law Firm today for the
Houston criminal defense attorney that you deserve!


Jalen Larson Mays was nearby an equipment storage facility when the structure went ablaze. The flames licked the structure and charred the equipment that was stored inside, bringing on thousands of dollars in damages. As Jalen walked away, a witness noticed his nonchalant actions and reported the fire to 911. This observer then targeted Jalen as an arsonist because he did not seem, to be affected by the fire and didn’t intend to call emergency help. The witness told the 911 dispatcher what Mays looked like and explained that there was a possibility that he set the fire.

Yet investigators have contradicted the witness’ suspicions, saying that the fire was a fluke incident that was caused by an open flame that ignited combustibles. They believe that this open flame could have come from anywhere. The fire ruined sports equipment that was used by up to 2,500 kids in community sports in the Houston area. Mays was caught by police after the blaze was put out, and arrested because he had the same description and clothing as the witness had described.

The 19-year-old was charged with arson. He had paint oxidation marks on both shoulders that matched the exterior wall of the structure, and he was carrying a lighter in his pocket. The sports league says that they did not have insurance on the building and are soliciting donations to rebuild and replace the structure and the items that were inside. If you have been charged with arson like Mays, we understand that all evidence may point to you and the situation may seem hopeless. Yet with a trustworthy and accomplished lawyer, you may be able to reduce your charges or lessen your sentence. Without the right evidence, you may be able to get your case thrown out altogether. Hire a lawyer who is respected in the courtroom! Get help from an attorney at the Martinez Law Firm today for legal aid!


While most children are well-behaved at an early age, a Corpus Christi youth has received charges for beating his mother. According to an article by the Associated Press, the boy used a hammer to repeatedly injure his mother. The 13-year-old boy has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and domestic violence. The article stated that he remains in
juvenile custody and that the mother suffered head, arm, and facial injuries. Officials say that the incident happened when the boy and this mother got into an accident. The boy apparently fled the scene but later returned and hid under the bed with a hammer. There has been nothing forthcoming about the nature of their argument.

The article and the reports were unclear of whether the boy was charged as an adult or a juvenile. In past cases, it is usually understood that a juvenile may be tried as an adult if he or she is 14 or older when committing certain crimes. Because the boy in the above situation is only 13-years-old it is likely he will be tried as a juvenile. His crime can still carry significant penalties due to determinate sentencing. This can drastically change the way a penalty is handled. Aggravated assault is one of the crimes that can be acted upon with determinate sentencing. The juvenile can be committed to the Texas Youth Commission with a possible transfer to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice for up to 40 years.

The boy’s charges are considered under state adult law as a felony of the first degree. There are obviously many conditions to consider when your child has been convicted of a crime. It can be quite a stressful experience especially if significant harm was done. We strongly recommend you to contact an attorney in this situation. The legal team at the Martinez Law Firm can help you and your child reviews the charges to determine the best course of action.

Defending a Sexual Assault Case in Houston

One of the biggest challenges as a Houston Criminal Defense Attorney is defending a sexual assault case. The reason being is when picking a jury for this type of case most people are uncomfortable with the issues that are going to be discussed.
Additionally, when picking a jury there are always a few people that have
been victims of sexual assault or have a family member that has been a victim.

When discussing this issue publicly the person becomes highly emotional
putting me in an awkward position and potentially “poisoning”
the rest of the jury panel. Fortunately, they recognize that they will
not be a “fair” jury in this type of case. At the end of the
day, picking a jury is a misnomer. What really happens is that people
are disqualified for different reasons and the first twelve that are not
excluded or “struck” by the prosecutor and me are the ones that
get to sit as a jury.

For example, last week I was picking a jury that went to the last person
on the panel to become jurors because so many of the jury panel members
had issues with this type of case.

If you have been charged with sexual assault in Houston,
call my office immediately for the representation you need!