Arrested at the DMV?

can i be arrested for warrants at the DMV?

Arrested for Warrants: Will They Check at the DMV? 

Getting arrested for warrants can happen in unexpected situations. Moreover, warrants for your arrest happen for a number of reasons. Administrators make mistakes, and so can you. For example, you might never receive court date information or miss court due to a scheduling conflict. 

However, whether on purpose or not, arrest warrants are an added annoyance to tedious legal situations. When your new court date is weeks away and you need to renew your license, it may leave you unsure of how the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will treat a Houston resident. 

Does the DMV Check for Warrants When I Need a State ID? 

The short answer is yes. The DMV checks for outstanding warrants as well as bench warrants. Moreover, they might have a DPS officer on-site. Some cities use this tactic to have people arrested for warrants. 

However, the most common way people are arrested for warrants is when the police pull them over. The officer runs your ID information, and outstanding warrants can lead to your arrest. A Houston attorney can help you work through this process. 

Can I Still Go to the DMV with a Warrant? 

You are free to go to the DMV with outstanding warrants. However, they will see active warrants for your arrest whenever they run your information. 

If they do, they have several options. 

  • Signal a DPS officer or plainclothes officer. 
  • Deny your services until you handle the warrants. 
  • Call local law enforcement. 

Can I Get a License With Outstanding Warrants? 

You are more likely to be arrested for warrants. It is uncommon for a DMV employee to offer a new license or renew a license when someone has a warrant for their arrest. Oftentimes, officers at any government buildings, bus stations, and airports check your ID against a national police database. 

When you have an outstanding warrant, it is important to understand that it can prevent you from traveling, driving, or even looking for a job. When employers run background checks, they can see whether individuals have outstanding warrants. 

If I Have Warrants, How Can I Get an ID? 

The most important thing you can do is handle your warrant first. This may include paying fines, speaking with a probation officer, or attending a court date. If you are unsure of the problem, speak to a Houston criminal defense attorney. 

A Houston attorney has the ability to look up your record. Moreover, they can walk you through your options. 

Alternatively, you can have a police department look up your record. However, while you’re on the phone, they may know where you are. While the police might have you arrested for warrants, your Houston criminal defense attorney will advocate for your rights and fight to ensure the best outcome possible. 

Are You Worried About Being Arrested for Warrants? 

Warrants do not disappear on their own. They can follow you across state lines. If you want to avoid being arrested for warrants, these are your main options. 

  • Turn yourself in, preferably with a criminal defense attorney at your side 
  • Wait for the police to find you

Warrants for arrest are common for misdemeanors, vehicle registration issues, probation violations, and other similar legal issues. 

As Houston criminal defense attorneys, we offer legal advice to people who wish to protect their rights. When we build an attorney-client relationship, we defend our clients against their charges and fight to lower any fines. Ultimately, our goals is to have the state lift the warrant. 

To avoid being arrested for warrants, contact our Houston law firm today for a free consultation.