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Texas’ laws for punishing those who are found drunk in public are considerably more relaxed than other states. It is not considered unlawful to be seen strolling or walking about in the city if you have had a few drinks. However, there have been cases where people overstep the boundaries between having a good time and being a danger to the safety of others.

Understanding Texas Law

Under Tex. Penal Code Ann. § 49.02, it is considered a misdemeanor if an individual is found drunk in public to the point where he or she may endanger him or herself, or to another person. Legal intoxication is defined as having a blood-alcohol content percentage of 0.08% or above. Public places are areas where anyone has access to, such as parks, schools, or hospitals. A restaurant or bar, where a vendor has a legal license to sell alcohol is considered a public area.

Punishments for public intoxication may include:

  • 1st offense: Fines costing no more than $500
  • 2nd offense or subsequent offense: Fines up to $2, 000, jail up to 180 days

Fortunately, there are numerous defenses that may be available to you. As your Houston DWI attorneys, not only is it our job to protect you from penalties, but be your voice during this ordeal. We at The Martinez Law Firm are skilled litigators and do everything in our power to counter prosecutor’s arguments.

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While you might think that public intoxication charges are relatively minor, the repercussions of a criminal conviction can leave a stain on your good name and diminish future prospects. Suppose that admissions counselor for college or an employer were to run a background check on you and discovered this conviction. This may raise concerns that you are considered dangerous to others—not to mention yourself—and this can certainly hurt your chances in the future.

That is why you need an attorney who understands the laws and knows how to use that knowledge to help keep our clients. We have a reputation for obtaining results. You have rights, and you do not have to suffer the consequences of any criminal accusation.

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