Underage DWI Attorney in Houston

Facing charges of driving while intoxicated (DWI) can be a frightening experience for anyone, especially for people who aren’t old enough to legally consume alcohol. For underage persons, not only is there the possibility of going to jail, but there is also concern over driver’s license suspension and how the arrest will affect their future. For young people, a DWI arrest and conviction and the consequent criminal record can result in suspension or expulsion from school, expulsion from extracurricular actives, and problems finding a job after graduation or getting into a good college or university.

Underage Drinking & Driving is Not Tolerated

The state of Texas has very strict DWI laws in place, particularly regarding underage people drinking and driving. For an adult to be arrested for DWI, their blood alcohol content (BAC) must register below 0.08% after a blood or breath test. For a person under 21, they can be arrested for a test result of a mere 0.04% BAC. Compared to the drunk driving laws for legal adults, the underage DWI laws are much stricter. They could face a number of penalties including fines, community service, driver’s license suspension, mandatory DWI classes, and time spent in jail or a juvenile detention facility.
If your son or daughter has been arrested for drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs in Houston, an attorney at the Martinez Law Firm can help. We have defended many young people throughout the Houston area who were facing drunk driving charges, and we have extensive experience handling DWI cases in the Texas criminal system. Our goal is to help your son or daughter successfully fight their charges to avoid a potentially very damaging conviction.

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Following a DWI arrest, make sure your son or daughter has the aggressive defense he or she needs in the months ahead. You can depend on our dedicated legal team to protect your child’s rights and make sure the appropriate steps are taken and the necessary defense strategies are implemented to increase his or her chances of beating their charges and avoiding a conviction. Each Houston DWI attorney at the Martinez Law Firm has extensive experience in all types of DWI cases and is dedicated to defending the rights of innocent people.