Two 25-year-old Mobile, Alabama, residents were recently arrested in Georgia for
federal terrorism charges. Investigators report that their intent was to wage violent acts on behalf
of jihad overseas. Jihad is considered to be the religious practice of
those in the Muslim group. It means “struggle” in Arabic and
it is their people’s way of pursuing their beliefs and draw closer
to their deity. While for many, this means the internal struggle to pursue their god, for others, there is a physical aspect of this as well, and it is stressed that these beliefs are to be non-violent.
In the case of these two arrested men, investigators state that Mohammad Abdul Rahman Abukhdair and Randy “Rasheed” Wilson were planning to be involved in violent acts of jihad as they are believed to be closely tied to a known Islamic terrorist leader. Prosecutors say that the two men were arrested separately as they were in the process of traveling out of the country. According to a sworn statement from an FBI agent on the case, Wilson’s close friend and roommate, Omar Hammami, was recently added to the FBI’s most wanted list for suspected terrorists.
Official reports state that this is not Abukhdair’s first time being
involved with terrorist activities. He was arrested in 2010 while staying
in Egypt for what was believed to be terrorist involvement. Their officials held him there for two months before allowing him to return to the U.S. More recently, according to the FBI, a friend of Wilson and Hammami became an informant for the investigators, feeding them useful information about the two.
According to USA Today, the charges against the two men who are currently in custody are for “conspiracy to provide support to terrorists with plans to kill people outside the U.S.” Abukhdair is also facing charges for fraudulently obtaining a new passport in an attempt to cover his history with Egypt. Those who are accused of criminal charges, whether
federal or smaller, deserve a chance to fight for their freedom.</p>
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