houston crimes and false arrests explained by criminal defense attorney herman martinez

<span><p>In the city of Houston, crime is somewhat common. In data collected from 2011, there were 198 murders in the city of Houston, meaning that there were 9.2 murders per 100,000 individuals in the city. There were also 771 cases of rape that were reported that year, and 8,054 robberies. There were 765 cases of arson, which is the act of setting fire to buildings deliberately to cause damage. As well, there were 12,281 auto thefts and 11,869 reported cases of assault. The most common crime in the city of Houston in 2011 was theft in general, with 68,596 reported cases.</p>
In 2010, there were more murders than in 2011, and there were less rape
cases. As well, there were more robberies, more
<a href=”/Criminal_Defense/Assault.aspx”>assaults</a>, more burglaries, more
<a href=”/Criminal_Defense/Theft_Crimes.aspx”>thefts</a>, more auto thefts and more
<a href=”/Criminal_Defense/Arson.aspx”>arson</a> cases. This shows that the Houston police department and other authorities
are working very hard to reduce the crime rate in this city. While this
is a noteworthy accomplishment, crime is a terrible thing, and the government continues to fight to reduce the numbers for this year and years to come. That means that sometimes law enforcement can be over-zealous to find offenders, and may falsely arrest Houston citizens.
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