A DWI Client Shares Their Experience

One of my clients, that had a DWI arrest dismissed, cleared from their record had the experience published. I was given permission to post it here. Despite getting the case dismissed the urge still existed to inform the public about what it is like to be arrested for DWI in Houston, Texas.

One Sunday evening, I joined 98,000 other Texans who share a similar plight. I was arrested for DWI.

I was at a party hanging around, eating and drinking.. It was that last Shiner Bock that wrecked my life. The drive home wasn’t far, but somewhere along the way a police officer got behind me and thought I wasn’t driving “quite right”- not staying completely in my lane. He pulled me over and asked the usual questions about insurance, and he asked if I had been drinking that night. I was surprised by that question. Why would he ask that? I was driving fine. I knew that I wasn’t drunk. For some reason, the cop thought I might be. The next thing I know he has me out of my car and I am doing some tests. Incredibly to me, I am being arrested. My car is being towed, I am not given a receipt, or where it would be towed. I had to beg to be allowed to get my purse before it was towed. Suddenly, this was all starting to feel quite surreal. I cannot describe the feelings of humiliation and confused and despair as I sank into the bank seat of that dark police car, my hands locked in metal cuffs behind my back, totally alone, not having a clue what was to happen. How could this be happening to me?

Arrested? Going to Jail? Me? How could this be happening to me? I am an upstanding citizen. I am a good person. I own a home, a car, I have a college degree and a good job, I go to Church, I walk my dog, once I hammer nails for Habitat for Humanity. Doesn’t the cop see the 100 Club sticker on my rear window? How could this be happening to me?

I will share more in the future…