Being falsely accused of sexual assault is an extremely stressful situation. Your reputation, livelihood and family life are all called into question. Hiring an experienced defense attorney is a crucial investment in your future. Sexual assault charges can bring years, and even life, in prison. While I suggest you seek an attorney to evaluate your situation as soon as accusations are made, no doubt you are doing your own research as well. I have compiled the answers to some frequently asked questions I’ve received from clients over the years.

How long will it take to clear my name? Unfortunately, there is no set time table. I’ve seen cases settled quickly, before an indictment. I’ve also had cases go to trial and take over a year to resolve. The important factor is to seek legal advice immediately, so your attorney can be your advocate from the start.

Should I try to contact the person making the accusations? In most cases, the answer is no. Usually, a judge will order that there be no contact as part of the bail conditions. However, an attorney can argue these conditions, especially if the accuser is your child, wife or someone else in which you need to have contact.

What if I had a consensual relationship with the accuser? Again, this is where an experienced attorney will gather as much information as possible, sometimes hiring a private investigator, performing independent physical evidence testing and effectively cross-examining witnesses. A consensual relationship can be established through rigorous investigation. It doesn’t have to be your word against the accuser.

Should I talk to the police? The police will always want to interview a “person of interest” and it’s natural that you will want to explain yourself, hoping to clear your name. However, it’s important to speak with an attorney before making any statements to the police and have your attorney present during the interview. Even if you think you are helping your case, you are most likely hurting your future defense.

There’s an abundance of information and FAQs online. However, your future is at stake when you are accused of a sexual assault. Seek the legal counsel of a Houston sexual assault attorney. Feel free to contact me to ensure your freedom and rights are protected