Are Adult Females Charged with Sexual Assault Treated Differently?

Female sexual assault crimes happen more often than not and sometimes are taken less seriously than male sexual assault crimes. For some reason whenever a female teacher is arrested, charged, or investigated, or allegedly having inappropriate relations with a male student (sexual assault) it becomes a major news story. I understand why the parents of students that attend the school would be alarmed, but the media goes overboard every time. The media sensationalizes the story like the teacher is some sort of pedophile abusing every child in their classroom.

In most cases, the young men that had sex with the woman do not want her to be punished. Most importantly, the young men do not appear to emotionally harm by the incident. I would hope that the media, prosecutors, courts, and jurors take all this account into account before demonizing the female teacher.

Please be advised that I am not saying this should not be a crime. It is
always going to be a crime whenever an adult that is more than three years
older than a child (under the age of 17) have sex, even if it is consensual.
I just do not think a female teacher should automatically go to prison
for her mistake.

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