Are You Eligible to Get Your Houston DWI Case Dismissed?

Getting a DWI dismissed in Texas is difficult but not impossible.  Deetrice Wallace, a Department of Public Safety contractor who faked inspections of alcohol breath testing devices was convicted and sentenced to one year in the State Jail for Tampering with a Government Record. The door is now open for anyone that was affected by her malfeasance to seek a review of their case and quite possibly have their charges dismissed even if they have previously been found guilty. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office is stating that over 1,200 cases will be revisited.

Furthermore, they admit that most of those cases are gone including Felony DWI cases. Also, on a person’s side is that it is likely that the videotape of the DWI arrest has been destroyed since they are routinely destroyed a short time after all court proceedings are concluded. This may be the first time that taking a breath alcohol test ends up with a DWI case in Houston, Harris County, Texas being dismissed. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office is set to start contacting the defendants that may be eligible to request a new trial in the near future.