All across the United States, arson, the crime of setting property or items on fire, is considered a crime. Recently, a man was arrested in the Lubbock area when he allegedly set an apartment building on fire. The devastating fire caused the death of an elderly woman who was not able to evacuate before she was engulfed. The police took a 23-year-old suspect into custody and charged him with the murder of the woman inside the building.

The Lubbock Police Department claims that this criminal intentionally set the building on fire. The police thought the fire was suspicious when they realized that there were no product defects or kitchen fires that had caused the blaze. At the last report, the 23-year-old in custody was being held on a $3 million bond. The jail records show that the young man lives in an apartment where the fire broke out and that the blaze may have originated in his room. They think that it may have been purposeful. It is still not certain whether or not the elderly woman who perished in the fire lived alone. Her name has been kept from the press in order to preserve her family’s privacy.

Arson and murder are two serious felonies that can come with exorbitant charges. In Texas, the courts have upheld capital punishment, so murder can even cause a death sentence. If this happens, then the defendant will want an incredibly talented and hardworking attorney on his or her side. Because violent crimes are taken seriously in Texas, you will want a lawyer who is unwavering in his resolve to defend you. You need someone that you can rely on, and someone that you can be sure will be there for you every step of the way. At The Martinez Law Firm, you can trust an attorney to come alongside you and advocate for your best interests.