A DWI in Texas: Could You Lose Your Job?

how can a dwi affect my job?

DWI in Texas: Can You Lose Your Job?

Can you lose your job in Texas when you get a DWI? Avoid a DWI conviction, it’s not worth your job. In Texas, employment is at-will, which means your employer does have the right to fire you upon a DWI conviction in many cases. Legal statutes prevent your boss from firing you for a variety of reasons protected by the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission. However, these laws do not apply to criminal convictions.

Union and government workers have some additional protections from at-will termination. Unfortunately, though, a majority of Texas workers do enjoy these protections. Therefore, your employer more than likely has the right to terminate your position when you get a DWI in Texas.

A majority of employers likely won’t terminate you without a specific cause. Still, it’s important to avoid having a DWI in Texas for this reason and many others. If you face DWI charges, a lawyer can help you avoid the complex unemployment program in Texas.

What Jobs Have a Higher Chance of Termination for a DWI in Texas?

While many employers have the option to fire you for a DWI in Texas, some companies have their hands forced in drunk driving cases.

Driving or Operating Heavy Machinery

When driving is a core aspect of your job duties, your employer may have restrictions on their insurance that do not allow them to keep you employed. Jobs that require the operation of heavy machinery or where safety is an issue are likely to face a similar problem.

Moreover, truck drivers should remember that they could lose their commercial driver’s license (CDL) over a DWI in Texas. After a commercial DWI, your employer has no choice but to let you go.

Jobs Involving Children or At-Risk Adults

People who work with children, such as a therapist or teacher, may face termination of a DWI conviction. This is because drunk driving convictions create potential liability issues. Similarly, you might lose your job over a DWI when you work with vulnerable adult populations. This includes the elderly as well as special needs adults.

Sensitive Data or Financial Assets

When your job involves financial assets or sensitive information, you face termination because your conviction makes you a criminal. These assets range from securities and medical assets to insurance, real estate, and banking. However unrelated your conviction is, it puts your employment at risk.

Professional Licenses

A majority of the professional licensing boards in Texas reject applications with DWIs on their records. Similarly, a DWI in Texas can result in losing your professional license. Teachers, realtors, and nurses all require professional licenses. A DWI conviction puts your livelihood in jeopardy. Even outside of these industries, a DWI conviction puts your job at risk.

Avoid Getting Fired for a DWI in Texas

When you have a DWI on your record, the best thing to do is be upfront and honest. Eventually, every employer finds out, so staying ahead of it is of benefit to you. If you make it clear that this DWI in Texas was a one-time occurrence, they might be understanding.

Of course, your best bet is to avoid a DWI conviction altogether. Herman Martinez is a lawyer with decades of experience helping people mitigate DWI charges. Schedule a free consultation to explore your options. Our DWI defense attorneys fight to reduce or dismiss your charges, always pursuing your best interests.

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