Bellaire Officer Shot in Houston

Even on Christmas Eve, crime doesn’t sleep. An unfortunate chase ended in the death of a bystander and a Bellaire police officer in the City of Bellaire right outside of Houston. According to KHOU the officer responded to a shooting outside of a business on Bellaire Boulevard. When the Houston police arrived at the scene, they noticed that it was one of their officers that had been shot. A bystander also died at the scene of the crime when he was unable to move out of the way as the conflict went on in front of him. The shooter was being pursued in a chase and retaliated with gunfire. According to the reports, the officer was sent to the Ben Taub Hospital in critical condition but was pronounced dead upon arrival.

As well, the shooter was attacked by the police who responded to the call. He tried to flee with his gunshot wounds but was eventually captured in a nearby building and taken to the hospital under arrest. Citizens in the area were outraged by the shooting and distraught that two families will be mourning the loss of a loved one on Christmas.It is highly probable that the shooter will be charged with Capital Murder. It will be up to the new District Attorney, Mike Anderson whether the office will seek the death penalty in this case.

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