Can Immigrants be Deported After an Arrest?

immigration laws explained by herman martinez houston criminal defense attorney

A new immigration bill claims that immigrants that are in the United States
illegally should not be removed from the nation until they are convicted
of a crime that they were arrested for. This means that if you are an
immigrant and you are arrested for a DUI manslaughter case, then you cannot be forced to leave America until you are proven
guilty of your crime.

After this, there is still not a set rule that will mandate deportation.
Immigrants who are convicted of crimes like manslaughter may be able
to remain in the United States if they can prove that it will be a hardship
to their family members if they are sent back to their country of origin.
For example, if a man is arrested for an assault charge, and then convicted,
but has a wife and children in California, he can prove that it would
be difficult for his family if he was sent away.

As a result, the individual may be able to serve a short sentence in the
The United States so that he can resume his responsibilities to his family.
If you are an illegal immigrant that is facing criminal charges, the suggestions in this bill could have serious implications for your future. You cannot even be asked to leave the country until you are convicted of a violent crime, so your first step to battle deportation is to locate a reliable Houston criminal defense lawyer.

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