Criminal Defense Against Trafficking & Transportation Charges

Drug trafficking is a type of drug crime that involves the unlawful sale, distribution, transportation, import, export, manufacturing or cultivation of controlled substances. This may include illegal street drugs such as cocaine, heroin or ecstasy as well as prescription drugs when the offender does not have lawful authority to deal with prescription medicine. Depending on the type and amount of drug involved, a defendant facing drug trafficking charges in the Houston area may face harsh penalties, including imprisonment in state prison and exorbitant fines. Drug trafficking may be prosecuted in State or Federal court depending on the circumstances.

By talking to a Houston criminal defense attorney at The Martinez Law Firm, you can get the helpful information and insight you need to properly address your trafficking charges. Your entire future and freedom may be on the line. Your choice in legal counsel may directly impact the outcome of your case, particularly if you work with a knowledgeable lawyer who is willing to fight tooth and nail on your behalf to seek the best possible case result.

Contacting a Houston Drug Crime Defense Attorney

It is true that challenging drug trafficking charges can be difficult. This is particularly relevant when federal agencies are involved in the investigation, such as the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration). Federal government agencies generally have more resources at their disposal to investigate and prosecute drug cases and may work together with local agencies to secure evidence and seek a conviction. You need an experienced Houston drug trafficking attorney who will have the resources and experience to go up against federal investigators and challenge federal prosecutors.