Texas Drug Courts

Fines for drug possession or any other drug offense can reach into the thousands and prison sentences can be as much as for life. So if you were given an alternative option, wouldn’t you take it? In most cases, first-time drug charges are not as extremes as $250,000 or a life sentence in prison, but any fine or time in prison can permanently affect your life, your job, and your family.

For this reason, the state of Texas has drug courts that process many drug possession an addiction cases in lieu of traditional court processes. These courts place offenders in programs that can be completed in place of regular court sentences. In essence, these programs are substance abuse programs, where the offender is required to serve a minimum of one year of intensive rehabilitation, accountability, random drug testing, and appearances in court with the hopes of reversing their behavior and assimilating them into productive society.

Why You Need a Houston Drug Crime Attorney

A first-time drug offense is not automatically sent to drug court. They must first be considered “eligible,” and this can be a tricky process. For most drug crimes that are considered to be violent cases, a person is not considered eligible for drug court. Therefore, any person who has been charged with a violent drug crime but is not guilty of violence should hire a drug crime attorney who could fight to drop their charges of violence and allow them to be eligible for drug court.

For those who are not charged with a violent drug crime, they can be referred for consideration by several different sources, including a defense attorney or prosecutor, a judge, or through jail or detention center interviews. The stronger your referral, the better chance you have of being accepted for drug court. Having a drug crime defense attorney who can provide a strong argument for your eligibility provides excellent odds of your being sent to drug court and completing a program instead of serving a jail sentence. Anyone who is being charged with a first-time drug crime should take the time right now to find a lawyer who can defend them and fight for them to be sent to drug court, or for their charges to be dropped altogether.

We’ll Evaluate Your Drug Crime Case

Mr. Herman Martinez, the founding defense attorney of the Martinez Law Firm, has the well-rounded experience, skill, and determination to defend your drug crime case. As an AV® rated attorney and a Houston Top Lawyer from 2008-2011, as well as a knowledgeable former prosecutor, Mr. Martinez has proven his ability to succeed in all forms of criminal defense cases, including drug crime cases. For a lawyer who will dedicate himself to every detail of your case and make your success as important to him as it is to you, don’t hesitate to call his firm today.

Penalties for a drug crime conviction can permanently damage your career, your finances, your life, and the lives of those you love. If you are facing charges, you need to make sure you have a competent lawyer on your side. And who could be more competent than a defense attorney who has experience as a prosecutor? Mr. Martinez can look at a case from the angles of both prosecution and defense, enabling him to think ahead of the prosecution and defend your case in every way possible.

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