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Have you been accused of bringing illegal drugs into the United States (importation)? The criminal charges that you are likely to face will be heavily prosecuted and should not be faced alone. It is imperative that you retain the representation of our attorney who has the experience necessary to aggressively represent you in a court of law. The Martinez Law Firm can offer you the competent representation that you deserve to fight on your behalf.

Over 20 years of experience defending criminal charges across the board, our lead lawyer, Herman Martinez, has the credentials to create an effective and personalized defense strategy for your case. Whatever your situation is, he will investigate the circumstances surrounding your arrest and accusation. Martinez will go the distance to ensure that you have the peace of mind that we believe you deserve. He has extensive experience as a former judge for the city of Houston and spent years as a former prosecutor, allowing him to better understand both sides of the courtroom.

You may be charged with drug importation if you were in possession of any of the following dangerous and narcotic drugs or controlled substances upon entering the United States:

We understand the concerns that you may be having about your future and loved ones, and will answer all legal questions you may have. To the best of our ability, we will navigate through the complexities of this situation with you and offer solutions every step of the way. Our goal is the resolution of your case.

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At our firm, we strongly believe that results matter. We are ready to work towards the best possible resolution to your legal matter. Take the vital step and hire our knowledgeable and skilled defense lawyer. Our lead attorney, Herman Martinez, will defend you and offer his legal advice during every phase of your prosecution. Retain our personalized legal advice to improve your chances of resolving your case.

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