Has Your Child Been Accused of Shoplifting in Houston?

Shoplifting, a form of petty theft, typically involves taking property from a retail store. The value of the property involved in a shoplifting case generally ranges around $500 or less. If $1,500 or more in property is taken, theft may be charged as a felony offense. For a minor accused of shoplifting or any non-violent theft crime, the penalties imposed by the juvenile court judge will typically be geared toward rehabilitating the minor rather than based exclusively on punishment. The minor may face rehabilitation, counseling, community service, or similar programs as well as potential detention in a juvenile facility or fines. In some cases, the parents may be held accountable for fines or restitution the juvenile is ordered to pay for a Houston shoplifting offense.

Make sure you involve an attorney experienced with defending juvenile offenders in the Houston area. At the Martinez Law Firm, we are committed to representing the interests of minors accused of petty theft or any criminal offense. We provide personalized, one-on-one client service combined with aggressive legal counsel to offer our juvenile clients the best opportunity at advantageous case results.

Protect Your Child’s Future – Contact a Houston Theft Crimes Lawyer

For a minor convicted of shoplifting or any juvenile crime, the future may be uncertain. Living with a juvenile record may mean limited educational and employment opportunities and may also result in harsher penalties for any future offenses or convictions. If you would like to ensure your child has the best opportunity at a bright future free from a shoplifting or theft conviction, do not wait to involve a lawyer who can protect his or her legal rights.

Call our knowledgeable Houston juvenile crimes attorney for the defense your child deserves.