Do I Need a Lawyer for My Evading Arrest Case?

charged with evading arrestin houston? you need a criminal defense attorney like Herman Martinez

Generally speaking there are two types of evading arrest charges in Texas. The one that gets the most publicity involve long police chases. Everyone can understand when someone drives recklessly throughout Harris County, Texas why felony charges are filed in these instances. What most people do not understand is that not pulling over for a traffic ticket quickly enough could lead to felony charge. For example, I recently, had to defend someone that was less than two miles from their house, knew they had a warrant for his arrest so he just thought he would drive home instead of getting his car towed. To most people that seems reasonable, but not to the police officer who pursued him to his house, confirmed his home address with his driver’s license and proceeded to arrest him for felony evading arrest in a motor vehicle. After making his $2,000 bond he thought he could go to court to explain his story to the judge who bluntly told him that he was likely to confess to the crime while the prosecutor took notes of everything he said. Ultimately, he recognized that it would be better to stay quiet, hire a lawyer to defend. That was a good call on his part because I was able to get his case eventually dismissed, kept off his permanent record so the general public could not see the arrest.

Do yourself a favor, try to pull over as quickly as possible when you see the police lights behind your vehicle. If you make the mistake of not pulling over in time for the police officer do not go to court without a lawyer. Getting a felony conviction for any crime will ruin your life! To get a FREE case consultation from one of the best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Houston, contact The Martinez Law Firm today.