Do You Need a Lawyer Present at Your Arraignment?

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An arraignment is the first time that you appear before a judge and enter the plea of guilty or not guilty of the crime for which you have been charged. This arraignment normally happens shortly after your arrest. While you are free to ask a lawyer to attend your arraignment, the presence of a lawyer is not necessary. It may benefit you to have an attorney there with you from the beginning of your case so that he or she can inform you as to how to respond to the judge’s questions.

At the arraignment, the judge will normally set a date for the next court appointment in your case, and will consider any bail requests that make or any bail requests by the prosecutor. If you don’t have a lawyer and don’t plan to hire your own attorney to help you tackle your case, then the judge will appoint a lawyer for you at your arraignment and may ask you to waive time.

Even though a lawyer is not required at this appointment, it is always better to have legal representation whenever you enter a court case. You will want to consult with your lawyer before your arraignment and will want to discuss the details of your case so that the attorney you are working with can help you to strategize the best defense.

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