Does a DWI Show Up on My Background Check?

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Yes, when a background check includes your criminal record, a DWI shows up. Oftentimes, many people don’t realize that their DWI arrest shows up on their record regardless of whether there was a conviction. If your case was dismissed, our Houston DWI lawyers will work with you to determine whether it can be removed from your record. 

Expungement is an important step for any dismissal. This is because driving while intoxicated (DWI) negatively impacts your chances of finding work, renting a home, or even attain professional licenses. 

If you currently face DWI charge, it is crucial for you to take every possible step to avoid having a conviction on your record, which will show up on a background check. DWI convictions haunt Texans long after they pay the legal consequences. In many cases, a DWI stays on your record permanently unless you seek expungement. 

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Employers and Getting a Background Check in Texas

In many cases, Texas employers conduct an extensive background check on job candidates. For this reason, many with a DWI on their record find themselves without a job. This is true even if the arrest did not lead to a conviction. 

Additionally, when your career specifically centers around driving, you can count on them scouring your record. If they see any signs of a DWI or negligent behavior behind the wheel, you likely won’t be their choice. 

How Does a DWI Impact Career Prospects?

In Texas, employers can use the results of background checks to deny candidates a job. However, employers must follow certain rules when doing so. For example, when they use a third-party company to conduct the investigation, they must inform you. Moreover, you must sign a waiver providing your consent to the check. 

Secondly, when an employer decides not to hire you based on negative information from their check, they must provide the details of their decision. Still, some businesses forgive DWIs in background checks. This is especially true when your arrest occurred several years in the past. 

However, it’s important to understand that this depends on several factors. 

  • Company policies
  • The type of job
  • Job duties 
  • Company culture 
  • Other candidates

When the economy is not on your side, a DWI hurts you even more. Employers are more likely to have qualified candidates with clean records vying for the same job. 

DWI Expungement 

When you are arrested for a DWI but not convicted, your arrest shows up on your record. However, you may have the option to have it expunged from your arrest record. As Houston DWI defense lawyers, we can help you pursue this option. 

Typically, DWI expungement involves filing a petition and attendance at a hearing. At your hearing, we present the case for why your DWI arrest should be removed from your record. After a successful hearing, the judge issues an order of expungement. 

Sealing Your Record / Background Check

Alternatively, you might pursue a nondisclosure order. You may know this as “having your record sealed.” While a sealed record does not disappear from your record, it is no longer visible to employers or third-party agencies. 

Something to keep in mind with a sealed record is that certain government officials still have the ability to see your DWI arrest. If you hope to get a high-level government job, this can still be a hurdle. In these cases, you may want to seek expungement. 

According to more recent Texas law, a first-offense DWI conviction may also be eligible to be sealed. However, you must meet specific criteria. Speak to our Houston DWI lawyers if you wish to explore this option. 

What Do I Do If I Currently Face Charges?

If you currently face DWI charges, it’s important to remember that you have options. The first thing you should do is speak to a DWI defense attorney as soon as possible. At your free case evaluation, we review your case and determine the best method for defense. At times, this may involve a plea that reduces your DWI charges to less severe charges. 

Our DWI defense team can also help you work towards expungement when we avoid conviction. 

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