The Things You Need to Know After a DWI in Houston

what to do after a DWI arrest in Houston

Need to Know After a DWI Arrest in Houston 

After a DWI arrest in Houston, you might feel overwhelmed or intimidated. For many people, it is their first time dealing with the law. When the officer reads you your rights and books you into jail, it is no laughing matter. Everything that follows the arrest simply compounds the fear and pain. It’s a confusing time. 

However, when you have the right knowledge of the process, it is much easier to make it through. Herman Martinez is a DWI lawyer in Houston with a great deal of experience helping to dismiss. Through the guide, we help you understand the DWI process in Houston and surrounding areas. 

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What to Know Following a DWI Arrest in Houston 

After a DWI arrest in Houston, a lot can happen. It’s crucial to understand the overall processes that happen. 

• The administrative process decides the future of your driving privileges. 

• The criminal process determines your guilt or innocence, potentially establishing a permanent criminal record. 

The Costs of DWI Arrests 

When you want to fight your charge with a lawyer, there are costs. These costs have an impact on your bank account as well as your future. 

What Should I Do After a DWI Arrest in Houston, TX? 

Following your DWI arrest, there are a few things you should keep in mind. 

• Do not speak to the police aside from providing identification such as your name or address. 

• At your arraignment, do not plead guilty. 

• Within 15 days, request an ALR – administrative license revocation hearing. 

• Contact a criminal lawyer as soon as possible 

When you have a DWI lawyer on your side quickly, they can represent you at the arraignment hearing. Moreover, they can request the ALR hearing and provide representation there as well. 

Your Houston Lawyer 

Of all the things you should do after a DWI arrest in Houston, contacting a DWI defense attorney is crucial. You need an advocate on your side committed to your best interests. Oftentimes, a trial is your best bet to obtain your best result.

A DWI defense is about more than avoiding a conviction. It is about your future and your reputation. What you do after a DWI arrest makes a huge difference in your life. Simple mistakes are detrimental to your future, so you need the right lawyer at your side. 

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