DWI Convictions

DWI convictions explained by houstons own criminal defense attorney Herman Martinez

How a DWI Conviction Can Ruin Your Life

A DWI conviction has the potential to devastate a person’s life. Unfortunately, people often don’t realize how seriously Texas takes driving while intoxicated (DWI) cases. The punishment that comes with a conviction is quite severe. 

Below, we take a look at how a conviction impacts someone’s life after a single DWI arrest. It’s an important reminder of the severity of the consequences. Moreover, it shows how these consequences last well beyond the end of any suspensions or jail time. 

Still, it’s also important to remember that there’s still hope. When you face a DWI charge, you have an opportunity to protect your future. With an experienced Houston DWI lawyer on your side, you have an advocate working in your best interests. 

When you take the right steps after a DWI arrest, don’t give up hope. You have a chance to fight for a better future. All it takes is a call to schedule a free consultation with our Houston DWI defense attorney. 

An Unfortunate Example of a DWI Conviction in Texas

The story we want to examine is the story of a man in Brazos County. With a DWI conviction and conviction for the assault of a family member, the man now faces seven years in prison. Seven years in prison is enough to change your life forever. It destroys your reputation, finances, family relationships, career, and more. 

Moreover, it means completely starting over when you eventually get out. Ordinarily, someone doesn’t receive seven years in prison for a first-time DWI. In fact, this story is far more complex due to the assault and violence charges. All of this together accumulates into an arrest and sentence of seven years. 

However, it all starts with a single DWI charge, which snowballs over years as transgressions mount. 

Aggressive Defense Against DWI Charges

When you face a DWI conviction, it’s important to find the best way to keep that charge from ruining your life. To start, it’s essential to find an experienced Houston DWI lawyer to represent you in your case. As your advocate, they fight to minimize charges or dismiss them entirely. 

Oftentimes, the essential question in a DWI case isn’t about conviction. While beating the charge is crucial, there are often other factors at play. The larger question involves collateral consequences of the charge, such as a suspension of your driver’s license or loss of a professional license. 

With aggressive representation from a Houston DWI defense attorney, you have the potential to avoid these consequences. Our team fights to protect your rights and your future, always working to pursue the best possible outcome for your particular case. 

Work Diligently Towards a Better Future

While we don’t know the extent of the issues plaguing that Brazos County man, it’s important to understand how important rehabilitation is. When it comes to the long-term impact of a DWI conviction, rehabilitating yourself and your image is essential for mitigating the impact of the charges. 

From substance addiction to vocational issues, it’s important to work earnestly towards repairing your life. With an arrest on your record, showing a true change helps a DWI attorney fight to expunge or seal your record. This is a great step towards reclaiming your future. 

Oftentimes, people are able to weather a crisis when they keep their house in order. This includes serious DWI charges. With an advocate on your side, you gain insight and guidance on how to address the long-term impact of a DWI from a legal standpoint. 

Avoid a DWI Conviction with an Experienced Houston DWI Lawyer

Again, it’s essential to remember that anyone facing DWI charges has an opportunity to fight to protect their future. Your best chance is to work with an experienced criminal defense attorney to defend and beat the DWI charge. 

Additionally, after a conviction, diligent work towards a better future helps prove rehabilitation and gives you an opportunity to petition for expungement or a sealed record. To better your odds in both these situations, it’s crucial to partner with a Houston DWI defense attorney. 

At The Martinez Law Firm, we understand how to protect our clients’ futures. Let us show you how to fight for the best possible outcome in your case. Schedule your free consultation to see how you can preserve your future.