Cross Examination of Police Officer

Arrested for DWI in the Houston area?

Do not lose hope if you have been arrested for DWI. An arrest does not equal a conviction and a seasoned attorney can step in during your hearing to challenge any evidence or testimony against you. If there is sufficient doubt over the officer’s behavior and your arrest, your case may be dropped and you can walk free. The Martinez Law Firm can pursue a dismissal by using a cross examination of your your arresting officer. Contact our firm today to get the counsel and support you need.

How can cross examining the officer help me?

State law permits arresting officers to be cross examined by a defense attorney. A skilled defense lawyer will use a cross examination to poke holes in the case against you and challenge an officers testimony.

Cross examination of the arresting officer can serve various purposes for the defense, including:

  • Suggesting that you, the defendant, suffer from a disorder which led to your behavior
  • Painting you as reasonable and the officer as biased
  • Exploiting possible lapses in the officer’s memory of your arrest
  • Stressing that the burden of proof lies with the state
  • Demonstrating the officer’s violation of your rights

The goal of cross examining the arresting officer is to point out to the jury that you were mistreated or somehow arrested on unfair grounds, whether it be to improper testing or lack of evidence.

Get Award-Winning Representation for Your DWI Arrest

At The Martinez Law Firm, we are fully prepared to cross examine the officer who arrested you for DWI. We can aggressively argue in court that there was insufficient reason to stop you and arrest you by the police officer or that you arrest was made on faulty grounds.

Our 15+ years of serving clients with DWI cases in the Houston area has given us the experience to know how to fight their charges, especially when it comes to examining the arresting officer. At The Martinez Law Firm, we stop at nothing to get the best results possible for our clients.

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