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After a DWI arrest in Texas, you will lose your driver’s license within 40 days from the day you were arrested if you do not take action. What most people don’t know is that there is a window of time after their arrest where their license suspension can be challenged to save your license.

At The Martinez Law Firm, our skilled Houston DWI defense attorney can work to protect your driving privileges and help you fight your charges.

What to Do After Your Arrest

You can lose your driver’s license for a DWI arrest when you take and fail a breath test or refuse to take a test. Unless you contest the suspension within 15 days of your arrest, you will lose your driving privileges for the designated amount of time.

Take the following steps immediately after your arrest to maintain your ability to drive:

  • Read the notice of suspension the arresting officer gave you
  • Act within the 15 days you have to request a hearing
  • Contact a DWI attorney from The Martinez Law Firm to fight for your license
  • With your attorney, notify the Department of Public Safety that you are contesting your suspension

During your hearing, the Department of Public Safety must prove the following for a suspension:

  • There was probable cause that you were driving while intoxicated
  • You were given the chance to take a blood or breath test
  • You were notified verbally and in writing of the consequences of not taking either test
  • You refused both tests or failed one of them

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If the judge rules in your favor, the DPS will return your license to you. If the hearing does not go in your favor, you can appeal the decision, which will delay your license suspension at least another 90 days. Even if you lose your license, an attorney from The Martinez Law Firm can request that the DPS issue you an occupational driver’s license so you can drive to work, school, and your court hearings.

The Martinez Law Firm stands ready to fight for your ability to drive. If you have been arrested for DWI in the Houston area, call us now and we can get started on having your driver’s license reinstated.

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