DWI’s on Thanksgiving Weekend

dwi's on thanksgiving weekend- herman martinez can help you fight them

Thanksgiving weekend is one of the most popular weeks for Thanksgiving DWI arrests within the year. This is because many individuals will enjoy a glass of wine or two with dinner and then consume beer while watching football. In addition, an individual may consume a holiday drink or two over the course of the night. By the time he or she is ready to drive home, the individual may be well over the legal limit. Every year, police forces put out large numbers of patrols to watch for Thanksgiving DWI offenders that are making their way home after a Thanksgiving celebration.

Ironically, “Black Wednesday,” which is the day before Thanksgiving, has also become a popular day for drinking. According to the Sun-Sentinel, this has become one of the biggest alcohol drinking nights of the year, second only to New Year’s Eve. Researchers say that Black Wednesday encourages drinking for a variety of reasons. For one, relatives are in town, and for another college students are home. Also, there is no work on Thursday, so individuals are partying and decide to drink without worry that they will have to go into work hung-over.

Many restaurant owners and bar owners say that they are specifically preparing for Black Wednesday by offering special deals that night. Yet it is important for these drinkers to remember that they need to be wise when they choose any alcohol. Driving home intoxicated may result in a DWI charge, which will then inevitably result in arrest. If you have been arrested for a Thanksgiving DWI, then you need a dedicated attorney and former prosecutor on your side. At
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