DWI Expungement in Houston: When and How It Works

A DWI expungement in Houston can help you work towards a better future. In Texas, your criminal record is a public record. If you have ever been charged, convicted, or arrested for a DWI, anyone who runs a background check will find that information. Oftentimes, this results in difficulty finding work, a place to live, or even a financial loan. For years, a DWI arrest in Texas can haunt you. Let Martinez Law get the court to expunge a DWI case for you.

Fortunately, when you have the right Houston DWI lawyer on your side, there are ways to avoid having your DWI discovered by the public. For those who qualify, an arrest, prosecution, or first-time conviction can potentially be sealed. When you seal your record, it helps you get back to a sense of normalcy. Reach out to the Martinez Law Firm today to see whether you qualify and how we can help. Our DWI defense law firm offers free consultations, so please, do not hesitate to call.

Who Qualifies for DWI Expungement in Houston?

Have you been arrested and tried for a DWI without a formal conviction? The good news is that you may qualify to expunge a DWI case in Harris County, TX. If you meet one of the following requirements, you qualify for expunction.

Minor at the Time of Your DWI Arrest

If you were arrested for a DWI as a minor (under 17 in this instance) and not convicted of other violations, you should be eligible to expunge a DWI case in Houston. Texas understands that minors make mistakes and often approve rehabilitation over punishment for youths. A criminal record for a mistake you made as a kid does not serve this purpose.

Charges Never Filed

The fact of your arrest for a DWI is a matter of public record. Any employer or landlord who runs a background check can see the details of any run-ins you’ve had with the law. This includes the details of any arrests. However, if you were never formally charged with a crime, you can request to have the record expunged.

With this expungement, your DWI arrest seems like it no longer exists. Moreover, the court may grant you the legal privilege to deny the fact you were ever arrest for an expunged crime.

DWI Case Dismissed by a Court

When your DWI case is dismissed, the arrest and charge remain on your record. Oftentimes, people assume this means that the DWI arrest simply falls off of their record. This is simply not the case unless you file a petition for DWI expungement in Houston.

If your misdemeanor DWI case was dismissed, you are likely eligible to expunge a DWI case so long as that same arrest didn’t lead to a conviction for another crime.

Found Not Guilty of a DWI

If you took your DWI case to trial and won, congratulations. Even when a judge and jury decide you are not guilty, your arrest remains on your record. However, your success in court means you have the right to request an expunction.

Appealed a DWI Conviction & Won

With the help of a Houston DWI lawyer, you can appeal any DWI conviction in Texas. When you appeal and win, you also have the ability to request a DWI expungement in Houston. Clearing your record helps you keep the details of your DWI arrest, trial, conviction, and appeal under wraps. Moreover, an expungement can allow you to honestly state that you were never convicted of a crime.

Need to Expunge A DWI Case in Houston? Call Our DWI Defense Team

Have you been arrested or prosecuted for a DWI in Houston? Were you never convicted? Perhaps you were able to overturn your conviction through an appeal. If you find yourself in need of a DWI expungement in Houston or Harris County, DWI lawyer Herman Martinez has the power to help you file a petition for expungement or to have your record sealed. Call us today to schedule a free consultation and learn more ab