Get Your Bond Reduced

reduction a bond

Getting a bond reduction is something that a lot of people eager to bond their loved ones out of jail do not think about.  In a lot of instances, a court will initially set a very high amount in a court case. For example, in a theft case where the value of the alleged property that was stolen is one hundred thousand ($100,000) the court will routinely double that amount and set the bond at two hundred thousand ($200,000). However, if you hire a lawyer before raising the money to bond the person out of jail the lawyer should be able to go to the court and have the bond reduced to a more reasonable amount. In the above scenario, a lawyer would be able to save you thousands of dollars when making a bond. Typically, a bonding company will charge you a 10% fee for bonding someone out of jail. The two hundred thousand dollar bond will cost you twenty thousand dollars and the one hundred thousand dollar bond will cost you ten thousand dollars.

You need Herman Martinez with Martinez Law Firm, Houston to Represent You for your Bond Reduction

Thus, hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney will pay for itself by getting a bond reduction in addition to all the other things they can do for you.